Free Samples

Receive a free sample + product!

UPDATE ON 05/07/17- Please note, due to the high volume of requests, please allow time for us to get back to you after applying.

UPDATE – There is no requirement to leave a review on Amazon to be eligible for this offer.

Currently we are looking for consumers to leave honest reviews about our products somewhere online (Instagram, Blogs, Youtube, etc.)

Many companies try to collect five star reviews from from people that have never even tried their products. We are not one of those companies.

¬†Choose your product, currently we’re offering:

  1. Dry Hair Shampoo
  2. Massage Oil
  3. Pet Shampoo

Simply send your request to

Please include all shipping details + phone number to ensure delivery.

Once you’ve received your sample, simply send us a link or picture of your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or blog post and get a full size product shipped at absolutely no cost to you. Due to high demand please allow 2-3 weeks to process your order

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