Mint & Tea Tree Oil Conditioner, 8 Oz

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25 reviews for Mint & Tea Tree Oil Conditioner, 8 Oz

  1. Lorelei Hamby

    I love the way it makes hair feel.

  2. Lorelei Hamby

    I love the way it makes hair feel. A great product!!!

  3. Karen

    Bought this for my husband because he has issues with dandruff and has a hard time finding hair care products that work. So far this has been a good one for him.

  4. Marsha

    A great product. Makes my hair feel great.

  5. Marsha

    Makes my hair feel great.

  6. JB

    Awesome invigorating feel and conditioned quite well compared to many dandruff shampoos that feel like they strip good oil from hair

  7. JB

    Great invigorating feel and doesn’t strip hair of natural oils like most dandruff shampoos

  8. Ivette Sandi

    I`m highly pleased with the conditioner. Leaves my hair soft manageable and smelling with a natural herb scent. I highly recommend it.

  9. Luann Caudill

    I was having trouble with dry scalp. This has really helped and it smell good.

  10. Luann Caudill

    I love the product I was having trouble with dry scalp. And this really helped plus it smells good.MINT & TEA TREE OIL CONDITIONER

  11. Leonard

    Makes my hair feel healthy and strong.

  12. DesaRae

    This conditioner has a cooling mint feeling without burning. It has helped to soothe itching that I experience with eczema.

  13. Mendy

    This is the first mint conditioner that I used. And it’s freaking incredible! Tingly and everything!

  14. Keri Nevarez

    I had been looking for a conditioner that had the tingly cooling sensation. I absolutely love this conditioner it really helps my scalp and my hair is so soft and manageable!

  15. Keri Nevarez

    Best tingle feeling and so cleansing. Helps with scalp issues and hair is soft and manageable!

  16. Jacob Rehder

    I love the smell and tingling sensation! Great product!

  17. ajbu

    I’ve been using this conditioner a couple times a week to deeply moisturizing my scalp psoriasis condition. After 2 months of regular use I can genuinely say that it has helped to reduce flare ups and gradually dissipate scale and/or flakes after shampooing. I love the clean and crisp mint aroma and tingle. Will definitely continue to purchase.


    Great product! Smells great, feels great, helps with scalp dryness.

  19. Kitty

    Works well and smells great!

  20. Gina

    Nice natural conditioner, I bought it because of breakouts around my neck and it has helped clear them up. Has a very distinct smell but not unpleasant, just minty. Not as moisturizing as regular conditioner but it is light and I use it every day.

  21. Toni

    This product feels and works amazingly and it doesn’t make my curls feel greasy like most conditioners. This conditioner works and will leave your hair feeling refreshed, clean, and soft!

  22. Veronica Morales

    The mint and tea tree wake you up in the morning! All natural bonus. Great purchase.

  23. Dora Giron

    Prior to this use of this conditioner, my hair was very damaged. It looked old, since the use people have been saying wow, you hair looks healthier. I have only used half a bottle. Can’t wait to see how much more my hair improves

  24. Dora Giron

    Prior to using this conditioner, my hair was very damaged. Since I’ve been using it, people tell me my hair looks healthier and compliment it often

  25. Toni

    This product is great for all hair types. It is actually the first conditioner I have used that does not make my hair feel weighted down and greasy. Instead it leaves my curls soft, fresh, and hydrated!

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