Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and Mint Tea Tree Oil Conditioner, Set

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30 reviews for Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and Mint Tea Tree Oil Conditioner, Set

  1. amy ratley

    I ordered this because my scalp was itching. Diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis. This shampoo was awesome- releived itching and the scale/dandruff!! Life saver!

  2. Kyla

    I love this shampoo especially the smell and feeling of clean that I get. I would definitely recommend as well as purchase again.

  3. Dee Brown

    This Shampoo and Conditioner is cleansing and refreshing. It works very well for dandruff and has helped alot with my chronic dandruff. I will buy this again, you can smell the tea tree and it is very strong compared to other dandruff shampoos

  4. Niecy

    Amazing product! Got rid of the flaking and itching and left my hair shiny and manageable. Great scent, too.

  5. Jeneen Truss

    The shampoo and conditioner made my hair soft and shiny. I noticed after using this for a couple of weeks that I had less hair fall. The only suggestion would be different packaging for the conditioner. The conditioner is very thick and was impossible to get out of the bottle without scooping it out and later adding water to the bottle to thin the conditioner out.

  6. daniel e marrese

    i have sebborheic dermatitis of the scalp and found this product to be the most effective shampoo to control it-bar none!

  7. Lulu VG

    I used this shampoo and conditioner for the first time and I loved them. I have wavy hair and naturally dried. After using the shampoo and conditioner I noticed my hair was shiny and soft. I haven’t feel my hair this soft in a long time. I have used very expensive shampoos and conditioner but none gave me the results I got from using these products. I also shed a lot of hair every time I wash it, brush or even touch it, so I am hopeful that the shampoo will also help me in that aspect. So far I have used it twice and my hair looks shinier with every use. I highly recommend them. My only suggestion is to make the conditioner bottle easier to squeeze because it’s too hard.

  8. Novella Carpenter

    this is a wonderful natural product, the feeling is so refreshing, and soothing , the results are priceless. This product is awesome. I recommended it to everyone that enjoys soothing natural ingredients.

  9. Eden P

    I really like these products. It makes your hair soft, silky and shiny with the added benefit that it is a dandruff shampoo. I have the same problem with the conditioner. It is too thick that it doesn’t come out of the bottle without taking off the cap. Other than that I don’t have any problems with these products and I definitely recommend these to my friends.

  10. Natalie Allen

    this really worked and my hair, it help it grow and help with my itchy scalp, I highly recommend it!!

  11. Heather

    I like the conditioner alot. It has that tingling tea tree sensation and help with my dry flaky scalp. My hair is on the drier end and needs lots of moisture. I did have to use another conditioner to deep condition.

  12. Leticia Quevedo

    Great product it really takes away dandruff and it helps a lot with itchy scalp

  13. donna hume

    purchased this from amazon for the prevention of hair loss. I was skeptical of it but thought I would try it. I absolutely love this. My scalp is invigorated. Does not itch anymore. The little blister areas I had on my scalp healed and it stimulated new growth. I was shocked. A nurse where I work said her doctor recommended it so she told me I should try it . Love, Love, Love this product!

  14. Angie Strong

    I found these about a year ago on Amazon and my son will not switch back to anything else. He loves them and they work so well on his greasy teenage hair. He also loves the smell of both of them.

  15. Karly J

    This formula is extra strength. You can really feel the tingle of the tea tree oil, and smell it. The product is sulfate free; if you are looking for hair products without sulfates, they can be hard to find in common retail stores. Most dandruff formulas make my hair frizzy, but I really like how my hair looks and feels when I use this. I will buy these again.

  16. Karla J.

    Extra strength, has powerful scent and tingle of tea tree oil. Great product, if you have scalp issues. No sulfates, too.

  17. Vs

    I really like this shampoo it is one of the best sulfate free ones I’ve tried

  18. Vs

    I really like this shampoo it is one of the best sulfate free ones I’ve tried fair price for the quality

  19. Vs

    I really like this shampoo it is one of the best sulfate free ones I’ve tried fair price for the quality and it makes your scalp feel great!

  20. Jayne Johnson

    Loved the way this shampoo does wjat it advertises it would do. Totally helped my dry scalp get better and it smells really good! Definitely recommend!

  21. Kelly H

    I ordered this on Amazon (my bottles look much different and say planative on them) I have dry, flaky scalp and was losing a to of hair in the shower. After using the set everyday, I notice less hair loss and less flakes. Overall, I’d buy it again!

  22. Deborah Kuntz

    I use the shampoo on myself and my two young kids. It’s smells terrific and I appreciate the natural ingredients. Great product!

  23. Deborah Kuntz

    This shampoo/conditioner smells great and leaves my hair very soft & clean. I love the natural ingredients and use it on my kids too!!

  24. Deborah Kuntz

    I love this shampoo and conditioner set! It has a great, fresh smell and leaves my hair super soft and clean. I like that it has natural ingredients and even use it on my kids too!

  25. Jen M

    I purchased this shampoo for my son as I wanted a chemical free way to treat his dandruff. It works great! He has no more flakes, soft hair and smells fresh and clean.

  26. Eric Davenport

    The shampoo gets you extra clean and the conditioner gets your hair soft and tangle free. Love the amount of tingle / cooling, just right!

  27. Eric Davenport

    Gets you really clean. Just the right amount of refreshing tingle.

  28. V.

    I love this product! It cleans well and has a lovely scent.

  29. Grady

    My new go-to shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo has a very aromatic, natural smell.

  30. jessica erenrich

    Love these products! Tea tree has been itilized for so many beauty and health benefits! These combos keep my head dandruff free, clean, and smelling great! Tea tree is one of the best natural remedies! Thank you so much, HONEY DEW, for amazing products!!!

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