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100 reviews for Anti Dandruff Shampoo for Kids, 8 OZ

  1. Kate

    My daughter has dry and sensitive skin. This is a great product. We love it.

  2. Glen

    Bought one bottle for my son couple months ago, and it works out just fine. His dandruff problem has been controlled and minimized, I have bought another 2 bottles for him on Amazon. My son loves the natural scent too, and it’s totally “tear-free”, which makes my son’s shower experience even more comfortable. Love it and will definitely recommend it.

  3. Felicia

    Good product. Smells to great but not too bad and it can burn the eyes. My son had no bad reactions and it helped with his dandruff pretty well. I’d buy it again no problem.

  4. Deanna

    Love love love this product. Works wonders on my daughters head!!! Never stop buying it!

  5. Jaimie Turmelle

    This product has worked really well on my child’s hair. No more flakes.

  6. RNC

    My two year old had a horribly flaking scalp. She is so little I just couldn’t bring myself to use chemical ridden antidandruff shampoo. After trying several home remedies, that didn’t work consistently or left her hair looking strange, I found this product. The flakey scalp is gone and I feel safe using this shampoo on her growing body.

  7. P. Pabbathi

    My son has had flaky scalp since he was a few months old. It really wasn’t an option for us to use prescription strength or for that matter adult recommended dandruff shampoo. But thanks to Honey Dew dandruff shampoo for kids, he has had no issue since we have used it. He is 6 years old now and this product works beautifully. Just follow the directions and you won’t be disappointed. We of course still continue to use this product.

  8. Tina C

    My 11 year old daughter has a very dry scalp causing itching and flaking. She is on her second bottle of the All-Natural Dandruff Shampoo for kids. It is working great – no more flaking or itching!

  9. KHanna

    I absolutely love this product. My son has had horrible dry patches on his head for the longest time and nothing worked until your product. It is gentle enough to use every day and it has cured the dry spot on his scalp.

  10. Glenn Mathes

    We love this shape for our ten-year-old. It has been the only shampoo we’ve found to control his dandruff. He likes the smell and we like the ingredients and the results.

  11. Amy Miller

    I bought this shampoo for my 8 year old son who has very thick hair and sometimes has a few dry skin dandruff flakes. He loves this shampoo. He applies it himself and his hair looks glossy, healthy and flake free. This is a much cheaper price point then other similar natural dandruff shampoos aimed towards kids – as in 1/2 the price cheaper.

  12. Elizabeth

    We’ve battled my son’s cradle cap/ dandruff his whole life (4.5 years). We’ve tried a ton of different oils/ shampoos/ treatments, but nothing worked. His whole scalp was covered, and every time we tried to manually remove the gunk, his hair came with it. We started using this a week ago, and his scalp is 2/3 clear and improving with each wash (plus, no more lost hair). I’m amazed!

  13. Superna arya

    Really good product. Highly recommended

  14. Shannon

    Amazing! Works immediately! This gentle use formula worked miracles on my 2 year old daughter’s dandruff and dry scalp. It worked almost immediately just after a few washes. It left her hair smelling so fresh and shiny too. I would highly recommend! This is tear-free and safe with natural ingredients. A little bit goes a long way and lathers nicely! It’s a must-have for humid or cold climates!

  15. Camille

    I’m about to purchase my 2nd bottle of this stuff…great product! My kids both suffer from dry skin/eczema, and cradle cap turned into dandruff with time. It’s hard to find a dandruff shampoo for kids that doesn’t sting their eyes…until now! I like the natural ingredients and the fact that it’s sulfate free. I wish the smell was a little more pleasant, although it’s really mild and not off-putting at all. And with regular use, I definitely see an improvement in my kids’ dandruff! Will buy again!

  16. Natalie Sanders

    First use and I truly can already tell a difference in my daughter’s cradle cap/dandruff. Her hair is super clean with no residue. Quality of this product is outstanding! Will write another review in a few weeks to update how it’s still working!

  17. Michelle Anderson

    This product is great, it has help my daughter so much! Thank you for making this product!

  18. Maria B

    First time buying and I already see a difference on my daughters dandruff scalp. Definitely I’ll be ordering more soon.

  19. William Owen

    After a long day, my wife gives me massages. Using this oil will be awesome!

  20. William Owen

    I have never used oils before, I have psoriasis and my Doctor recommended this product for me. So happy to be getting to try out, before purchasing!

  21. William Owen

    I have psoriasis and my Doctor recommended this product for me. So happy to be getting to try out, before purchasing!

  22. William Owen

    I have psoriasis and my Doctor recommened this for me.

  23. Lakira Davis

    Love the all natural dandruff shampoo for kids. It has gotten rid of all the dandruff and buildup in my daughters hair and it is gentle enough to use on my 5 month old. The smell is wonderful as well. My daughter loves the tingling sensation

  24. Stacey D Briggs

    This product has worked really well for my son. We have used it a few months and the dandruff seems to be under control.

  25. Joey

    My daughter has very thick, very oily hair. I started to notice dandruff when she started last school year and went into a frantic search for the right anti-dandruff hair care product for children. We spent hours sifting thru what felt like endless bottles of shampoo with no results. Either her hair would be so dry it felt brittle or her hair would look so dull it felt like they were holding on for dear life. Then I found this product on amazon, and it was exactly what she needed. It left her hair so beautifully smooth and shinny & the smell is like nothing else I’ve ever smelled. The volume was so intense, you’d swear she used hair styling products & the tea tree extract is a natural defense against lice which was a double win for this mama bear. After about 2-3 days the dandruff started to subside and by two weeks, she was dandruff free! I absolutely swear by this product and I only purchase these products for my entire family, husband included.

  26. Erin Dennis

    I love that it is all natural and it smells good! Bought this for my son who has dandruff and it works great! You only have to use a little bit and it last a long time, will buy again

  27. Amber Cates

    My daughter has had a horribly flaky scalp forever. We had tried all kinds of natural shampoos, but nothing seemed to help. I really didn’t want to use dandruff shampoo that was full of chemicals, so I was super excited to try this! It did not disappoint! It smells good, it’s tear-free, chemical-free, and best of all, it works! Thank you so much for creating an effective dandruff shampoo without all the nasty chemicals!

  28. heather Byrd

    I ordered this shampoo for my 2 year old son. He has very dry scalp and sensitive skin. The first thing we noticed was how wonderful it smells! It did not hurt his eyes and it made his scalp improve and his hair soft and clean. We will continue to use this and also check out some more great products for myself!

  29. Tammy Beidle

    My son has bad dandruff and sensitive skin-rough combination to deal with. This shampoo is wonderful! I recommend it wholeheartedly

  30. Caitlin Holzapple

    Loved this product! Took care of my daughter’s scalp itch and smells great.

  31. Patrick Johnston

    The product worked well for my son’s dandruff and was tear-free. Would recommend to a friend.

  32. Kelly

    My boys have struggled with dry scalp and dandruff since they were born – this has made such a big difference for them!

  33. Val

    This product is wonderful. We use it on our two toddlers and it smells amazing and is tear free. I highly recommend this product!

  34. Allison Montigny

    Great stuff, worked well for the dry scalp.

  35. Sarah

    Great product! Just used it for the first tim on my son. It feels and smells amazing and doesn’t leave a residue.

  36. Kayleigh B.

    This shampoo is amazing. My children’s hair looks and smells amazing after each wash. One of my girls had a case of cradle cap that just wouldn’t go away. After using this product for about a month, it was gone and hasn’t made a come back.

    Another added benefit, even if not advertised as such, this shampoo works GREAT at repelling headlice! I live in a town where head lice runs rampant. While everyone I know has dealt with headlice in their homes many times, my children have NOT brought it home, not even once. The tea tree is what does it!

    I recommend this product to all the parents I know every chance I get. The cost is reasonable. One bottle lasts us about a month, and that is on four children! Worth it in all ways!

  37. Alicia Coury

    The color preservation shampoo is fantastic! Its hard for me to find products that actually keep the luster and shine in my color treated hair after a few washes, but not this one! Silky, shiny, and smells great. Color as vibrant as the day 1- thanks Honeydew Products

  38. Mary

    I purchased this shampoo for my daughter after having tried other products that were supposed to help with dryness and dandruff. This product by far was the best for my 10 year old. It does not sting her head and it actually worked.

  39. Lisabeth Gump

    I use the aloe Vera skin cleanser/ witch hazel toner, and I absolutely love it .

  40. Isabell Figueroa

    I have used the shampoo on my daughters hair and it works great, I would like to know if you also have a conditional for kids also.

  41. Shiri Pam

    I ordered biotin shampoo for my husband and he already see the difference. He is not losing hair.

  42. Stacey Moffett

    I purchased this shampoo for my daughter who has very sensitive skin. We LOVE this shampoo, it works great keeping the dandruff away and smell wonderful. I only wish there was a conditioner to go with it.

  43. Becky Anderson

    Great product! i have girls with itchy scalps. They use it and have no complaints. Have been using it for two years.

  44. Astrid Bizoni

    The oil I purchased my partner and I were completely satisfied. Not only was the scent amazing but he said it felt so good and relaxing on his skin. What he liked the most was that it stayed very oily for a while unlike some other oils we’ve tried before and have to constantly use more. thank you for this awesome product and we would definitely purchase again. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  45. Astrid Bizoni

    The product I purchased was the kiss me mango massage oil. both my partner and I loved it! The smell is good and we like the fact that it felt good on the skin very refreshing. We would definitely purchase it again!

  46. Anthony Umali

    The therapeutic foot cream works great on my feet it also helps my foot pain and makes the bottom of my feet smooth

  47. michael carrillo

    pore purifier w/with hazel lavender works great on my oily skin,use it day and night,will continue to purchase

  48. Joseph Ribando

    great this is the greatest stuff I’ve ever used on my ass hair makes it so silky smooth

  49. Joseph Ribando

    great this is the greatest stuff I’ve ever used on my hair makes it so silky smooth

  50. Kurt B Grigsby

    ok….Love this shampoo, makes the hair feel thicker and healthier !!! Hoping the Biotin helps with the thinning issue LOL !!

  51. Robert Wright

    Natural Daily Shampoo use it daily will not dry out your hair. Use it daily leave your hair soft and smooth.

  52. Qazi Ali

    Biotin shampoo became one of my favorite product because it contains natural substance that’s right for your hair. If you haven’t tried it, I would recommend you do and test it for yourself.

  53. Nikkia Oliver

    I love honeydew body cream!!! It makes my body feel very smooth and very soft!! Haven’t used regular lotion since i found this product!! Simple amazing!!!!

  54. Maria Saydakbarovna

    Love this product. Really does work and highly recommend. Will purchase again

  55. Billy Seigel

    Excellent product, Biotin shampoo, highly recommend, A+++++

  56. Crystal Fletcher

    Excellent product would definitely recommend to others for several reasons as product line covers a variety of symptoms and conditions

  57. Crystal F

    Love this product would definitely recommend it to others as it has a wide range of uses for various symptoms and conditions.

  58. Eric

    Gentle enough to use several times a week. Neutralizes any remaining fleas despite a Seresto collar or that jumped on her while playing in the yard. And it smells great.

  59. katie

    High quality conditioner. Love the smell ~relaxing and calm effect!

  60. Lloyd Hren

    Tried the Honeydew natural shampoo and was quite impressed. Hair was noticeably thicker and softer. Fragrance was great!

  61. Meghan chase

    Excellent product! Only all natural shampoo that worked for my daughters dry scalp. She is super sensitive to soap. Left her hair looking clean and smelling great!

  62. Jaime Polhamus

    This is the only product that has taken care of my daughter’s dry scalp. I love that it is all natural and leaves her hair soft and manageable.

  63. dinora Pineda

    I bought it for my daughters they have curly hair but this shampoo is gentle and smells great reduced almost all their dandruff

  64. Heather M MacIntosh

    My daughter had cradle cap as a baby and pretty bad dandruff later on. She was also pretty resistant to washing her hair. We’ve used a number of kids shampoos available in grocery stores and Target, but most dried out her hair and didn’t help with the dandruff. Her hair doesn’t grow very fast. Before school started this year (she’s in second grade now), she said she wanted her hair to be long, so I upped my search for a shampoo that would fix her dandruff and dry hair. This flake fighting shampoo has really helped and she loves the results. It’s pine scent is also really nice.

  65. Marty Lamson

    We found this shampoo to be gentle and very effective. Since it is natural, we don’t need to worry about our kids using it.

  66. Ricardo Negrete

    Muy buenos productos

  67. Lauren Kellett

    Ever since my son started using all natural dandruff shampoo for kids he no longer has a dry scalp and dandruff! Excellent product!

  68. Denean Jackson

    I love this stuff. My daughter can get bad dandruff in the winter months and even in the summer months if she’s in the water enough. One wash and the flakes were gone. I love that it’s tear free too.

  69. Denean J

    this product works wonders, my daughters dandruff was gone after one wash

  70. Slavica

    I bought this shampoo for my daughter. She loves the fresh lavender scent and most important- it helps with flakes! We will continue to use it because it’s a great product and a good price!

  71. Andrea proctor

    Works great, smells great, and tear free! We love this shampoo, it has completely eliminated my two year olds terrible dandruff issue. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!!!

  72. Andrea

    Works great, smells great, and tear free! We love this shampoo, it has completely eliminated my two year olds terrible dandruff issue. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!!!

  73. smita khot

    This shampoo is awesome to read off the dandruff from kids scalp……i am in love with shamapoo.

  74. Kelly Freeman

    I liked how perceived everything was.

  75. Kelly Freeman

    I liked how perceived everything was.good questions.

  76. JT Hill

    Great product. Worked well for eliminating our daughter’s dandruff.

  77. Lisa McAllister

    Love this stuff! My son loves that it doesn’t sting his eyes; I love that it’s safe for the rest of his body.

  78. Lisa McAllister

    We are particular about safe, natural Products for our son. We love the results, smell and safety of like fighter and our son loves that it doesn’t sting his eyes!

  79. courtney leblanc

    we have been using this product to help with my daughter’s dandruff & we can definitely see an improvement

  80. Linda Anglin

    We love the kids shampoo!!! Great on the hair, smells great and all natural.Happy I found this item on amazon

  81. Steve Alai

    Finally! A dandruff shampoo that actually works AND smells great!! This really helped my daughter’s itchy/flaky scalp! Thank you for an amazing product!

  82. Kirsten

    We love this product! It is the only thing to care for my son’s scalp and did so within a week. I’ve already recommended it to many friends and will continue to use this in our family for years to come.

  83. Vanessa Pujols

    Worked great for my daughter

  84. Vanessa Pujols

    Worked great for my daughter !!

  85. Joie

    I bought this for my daughter who had extremely dry scalp since birth. It was pretty gross looking and scaly. I tell you the absolute truth, after washing her hair with this shampoo, giving her her a good scalp massage with it, her scalp is almost entirely clear. It’s the first shampoo she doesn’t fight me on. It doesn’t seem to irritate her eyes at all. I will continue to use this product on her hair as I believe it continues to keep the dry scalp at bay.

  86. Becky Craft

    My daughter loves this shampoo!!! It has helped so much with getting rid of dandruff! No more itching!

  87. Dian Pena

    My son has had a problem with dandruff and this product is the first that has worked for him without irritating his sensitive skin. This is the only shampoo he will use now.

  88. Teresa Im

    My 7year-old daughter has a dry scalp. I am always on the look-out of products that are safe, hypoallergenic, and are made with quality ingredients. All Natural dandruff Shampoo is a great product. Her scalp looks much better. I will continue to purchase in the future.

  89. Gina

    Love this stuff!!!! My kids less dry and no itching 🙂 also I hear the ingredients defer lice so that is a bonus!!!

  90. Anna

    My baby was too old for his dandruff to be “cradle cap” anymore and was just dandruff. This shampoo really helped cleared up his flakey scalp. It didn’t 100% go away, but with a little help from a plastic comb he is currently dandruff-free. Also it smells wonderful.

  91. Sharon Michaud

    I regularly purchase this product for my 45 year old daughter who suffers serious health challenges, but at least she doesn’t have dandruff anymore! Thank you!

  92. Sharon Michaud

    It’s good this is listed for all ages. I buy it regularly for my 45 year old daughter who suffers from serious problems but of one less serious but annoying problem she is free. Good shampoo! Thank you!

  93. Sap Meh

    I already see a difference on my daughters dandruff scalp. Great Product !

  94. Teresa

    I bought the grapeseed oil and love it, it didn’t leave me greasy. I like the acacado oil also. Use as a carrier oil.

  95. Amanda

    My 10 yr old has a very severe case of dandruff. We’ve tried many other products but he really likes this one. It lathers well, smell is pleasant enough not like other strong smells, and it works. It controls his flakes and we are so happy. I have a sensitive scalp and been using it as well and my husband has also. We are now on our second bottle and we will continue to purchase more and might even try few other products from this brand.

  96. George

    Both of my sons have incredibly sensitive skin and scalps. Most shampoos irritate their skin and make their scalps itchy. Weve stsrted using this shampoo and they are doong really well with it. A lot less complaints of itchy scalps! Also, it smells really good. I use it as well sometimes on my own sensitive scalp. Its a nice product.

  97. Kate Bechtold

    My kids had horrible dry skin and dandruff that only got worse when they started swim class. We started using the All-Natural dandruff shampoo and within a couple uses the dandruff was totally gone. Love this product!

  98. Racheal Atnip

    Absolutely love this product. Seen results with in days. Highly recommend for all ages

  99. Rachel Bip

    Absolutely love this product! It smells great and I saw a difference in my daughters scalp after the first use

  100. Susan

    My grandkids and my husband, grandpa, use this for their dry scalps, it leaves their hair and scalps clean and their hair soft. It smells great too.

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