Biotin Shampoo, 8 Oz

(291 customer reviews)

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Hair Growth B-Complex Formula for Hair Loss
Removes DHT for Thicker Fuller Hair
Anti Dandruff Formula with Zinc & Tea Tree Oil, Jojoba Oil and Argan Oil


291 reviews for Biotin Shampoo, 8 Oz

  1. al cheren

    a great product to clean up the conditions stated on the bottle

  2. Vicki English

    I initially bought this shampoo because it had a guarantee. I was looking for something that would help thicken my hair.I have been using this shampoo for the last 6 months and there is a noticeable difference. My hair feels thicker. I couldn’t be happier. I will continue to use this shampoo probably for the rest of my life. I’m a older lady so it’s natural for a little thinning, but this shampoo makes my hair feel soft and full. Not to mention it leaves your hair smelling nice,

  3. Jonah LaMonda

    I like it doesn’t dry my hair out and it’s been growing my hair as well.

  4. Chris

    This product did the trick! I was looking for a product that could help strengthen my hair and make it look fuller. I have been using it for three months now and it seems to be doing the job. My hair is thicker and fuller.

  5. Da Mama

    I purchased Biotin when I noticed my hair thinning. It leaves my scalp incredibly clean and my hair with fewer tangles. I have not used it long enough to say it is stimulating regrowth, but fewer hairs are coming out after shampooing and the condition and shine are improving. I will continue to use it and see what happens.

  6. TimM

    I like that the shampoo has coconut oil, olive oil, and tea tree oil. I recently spoke to a gentleman from another country who said many people there put one or more of these oils in their hair to preserve it and/or keep it healthy. There’s definitely something to it! I’ve used it for 6 months, twice a day. I’ll report on results when I can make a determination that hairloss has subsided. I do feel that the hair has more moisture.

  7. Jennie Caldwell

    Works great!!!! I recommend it for everyone!!! Love the smell!!

  8. Veronica Davis

    Love this products. My hair looks and feels thicker and I definitely see new growth. Also I am not getting the breakage on the ends that I did before.

  9. marie
    This shampoo does everything it says on the lable. Fresh scent, makes hair grow [for real],
    stops itchy burning scalp.
    Your hair will feel fuller ,stronger and smell good.

  10. Ana

    This shampoo is great! Amazing results! My hair changed substantially! /it looks and feels thicker! I would definitely recommend!

  11. Mike

    My hair has been thinning for the past several years in one spot and the rest was full but beginning to thin. I decided I wanted to try to save my hair in hopes of thickening and growth in the thin areas. With some research and recommendations, I decided to try this product. With some time and patience, I noticed my hair getting fuller and the thinning spots were getting thicker. This product does work! It also smells nice as well!

  12. Liliana Vendredi

    After menopause my hair start thinning and I search on Amazon for products to stop the process. I found the biotin shampoo started using and started seeing new hair growth and decrease my falling hair. I use the shampoo for two years and I cannot live without it. Recommend for any age but specially for woman that going through or after menopause.

  13. Patricia Albano

    Love the results I get with the biotin shampoo!

  14. Stefan

    I bought this to help stimulate hair growth. And it works. I can feel the thickness in my hair returning. Highly recommend before you try some other expensive product!!

  15. David Fitz

    This Biotin Shampoo really works! My hair is thicker and fuller. I’m still on my first bottle so this works fast too.

  16. Alexis smith

    It really hair feels thicker and I can see new growth and it has a great smell to it.

  17. Jen Y;

    This is a great product. I started using this in combination with an oral biotin supplement, and i have very noticeable new hair growth and my existing hair has grown so much faster than previously. I highly recommend this product!

  18. Nicole Hicks

    I love it works great I see my girls as well as my hair getting thicker you can really tell the differences smell great.

  19. Bashar Joseph Dawood

    I like this Biotin shampoo and it makes my hair smooth and thick after used in bath . it also strengthened my hair and improved it when I have used it for long time.

  20. Fredrick

    I love this shampoo it seems to do what it claims. My hair didn’t stop shedding entirely but decreased significantly. I actually think the shedding I’m having now is pretty normal. And surprisingly my hair seems to be filling back in slowly. I love how it lathers too. Give it some time and I think it’ll work for just about anyone.

  21. sandra cicotta

    i purchased pet pleasant shampoo for my dog who has thick white fur, I had no problem working up enough of a lather to get down to his skin and the citronella and lemongrass gave him a nice sent,,his white fur is hard to keep white and this shampoo worked great in bringing out his white,,i especially like that it is natural,,a must try for your dog

  22. Bashar Joseph Dawood

    I ilke this Biotin Shampoo and it helped my hair in growth and make it thicker.

  23. Chris C Carter

    I’ve been using the Bioten shapoo for a while now (3rd bottle) I must say my hair this thicker.

  24. Bri

    This product was recommended and sent to me by my niece. Within a few weeks a noticed a difference my hair does not fall as it used. It leaves my hair feeling and looking good.

  25. John Armstrong

    I have been using this Biotin Shampoo for more than a year now, and so far it is the best shampoo for my hair that I have found, and I’ve looked and tried a lot of different shampoo’s from different suppliers and this Biotin Shampoo from Honeydew Products is without a doubt the best I have found. So I say buy a bottle and you will experience a Improvement with the first use ..

  26. Lakeshia Stevenson

    I can’t wait until I can try this out for myself.

  27. Sharyn

    I’ve been using Biotin shampoo for about 3 to 4 months now. It’s a great product and has a wonderful fragrance. I can honestly say that I have new hair growth around my hairline. My hair is fuller, bouncy & shiny. I will continue to use Biotin for a very long time.

  28. ladarius allen

    Good product makes my hair feel softer little fuller in certain areas i always let it sit 3min or longer to make sure it soaks hair more manageable

  29. ladarius allen

    Shampoo work pretty well made my hair softer and thicker always leave it in for the full time so let it soak I like it alot

  30. Anne R. Labaredas

    My husband and thick and curly hair. It was thinning out with all the medication he was taken. After mentioning this to my sister-in-law and she recommended the product, we ordered and has been using it and see the difference. It is getting thicker and stronger. He is very happy with product.

  31. Leslie Hansen

    Liquid Gold Honey is some of the best honey I have tried. I am recently trying to move to more natural products and this has been a wonderful find.

  32. Wendy

    I received the avocado oil and I love it

  33. Sandy

    Purchased this shampoo for my very dry scalp and it is working very well.

  34. Saurav Kumar Otta

    I am using this shampoo from past 6 months and i can notice my hair looks thicker and my hair fall is also controlled. Me and my wife both loved the product very much.

  35. Susan Barnicle

    I’ve heard great reviews & can’t wait to try!

  36. mayra miller

    Our siberian has very sensitive fur and we use ONLY lavender vanilla oatmeal shampoo. It makes his smell great and leaves his skin soft Thank-you for your product!

  37. adam bieneman

    i love this product. the dog smells so good after use.. 2 thumbs up……

  38. adam bieneman

    great product. the oatmeal pet shampoo makes my dog smell good…. 2 thumbs up

  39. Diana

    I am excited to be trying this product to help with the growth of my hair.

  40. Lynn E

    I really like this shampoo. My hair had fallen out due to illness. Right after I started using the Biotin Shampoo my hair started filling in and I have new growth all over. I am pleased to find a product that does what it claims 😊

  41. Gregory Rapena

    This product is absolutely incredible. I HIGHLY recommend it!

  42. Beena

    This product great works in dendruff use to every 3 day in shampoo drenduff and itchy gone.and thicker filler hair growth demand your bald.

  43. Chad

    I have been using this product for about six months now and have notice a remarkable difference. I had a receding hair line and now my hair is growing in fuller and thicker. In fact, I recently bumped into an old friend of mine and he commented, “Hey, man…you have hair now!”

  44. Marsha

    This shampoo is great. Helps with dandruff and dry scalp.

  45. allan frechette

    it seems to help with my hair loss.

  46. Becky

    This is my third order of Biotin Shampoo. My hair was thinning so badly that photos would show light bouncing off my scalp! Yikes! I had tried a couple of other shampoos recommended for thinning hair without success. This product really works. No more “scalp glare,” my hair is thicker, has great body, and has a light fresh aroma. Thanks, thanks, thanks Honeydew!

  47. robert sullivan

    Great shampoo for thicker, fuller hair, especially when used with biotin supplements

  48. Mary from Hockessin

    I love the lather it makes, love the scent, and love the way it makes my hair feel.

  49. Megan

    My husband is enjoying this shampoo so far. He just tried it out today and said it feels very refreshing and soothes the scalp.

  50. Karen

    Love this shampoo! Great smell and I can definitely tell a difference in in my hair. I highly recommend it!

  51. Gary Gordon

    Started using the Eagan shampoo haven’t used anything else since hair looks and feels great

  52. Sterling Parker

    I’ve noticed that my hair is getting thicker and fuller after each month of use.

  53. Robert Bouchard

    Biotin Shampoo is great! I’ve been using it for about a month and I can already feel my hair getting thicker. Plus the shampoo itself is very thick, so you only need a small amount to really lather up your whole head. Thanks Biotin Shampoo! My hair looks the best it has in years!!!

  54. Jana Keslink

    Smells Great and saw some results with length of hair . will definitely purchase more in the future !

  55. Sergey

    I love this product. My hair grew after 3 bottles as well as usual for the year.

  56. Serg

    I like it. Works great and my heat grew well.


    My hair looks and feels thicker and I definitely see new growth

  58. Melody Arneil

    This shampoo has strengthened my hair, I have far less split ends, and its not overly foamy like the majority of shampoos out there. And living in the desert, I think it has reduced the static electricity in my hair. I will continue to use this product and since I live in such a dry climate, I will be trying some other products to help save my hair and skin.

  59. Kipp Ross

    Makes my hair look and feel fuller,and no notice of dandruff. I really like this product!!!

  60. silvia gwaltney

    i have been battling hairloss for years and been looking for good hair growth shampoo. this one so far is promising, less hair fall and feel thicker.

  61. Jonathan Burns

    Works Great! I recommend for everyone.

  62. Lynn Spencer

    Excited to try the product THANK YOU

  63. Lynn Spencer

    New 2 this and very excited to continue doing surveys.its fun and very helpful if I forgot to mark something😀

  64. michael swint

    good product it works very good

  65. michael swint

    works good use for six month good product

  66. Yolanda Sanchez

    I bought this on Amazon..have bought 2 bottles so seems to be helping.. I had a big bald spot on seems like a bit of hair is starting to grow.

  67. Kevin

    This shampoo has been a blessing for my scalp and dandruff problem. The dandruff is now manageable thanks to this.

  68. Khal Ram

    I’ve been using this product for three months now and I’m so pleased with the results so far! I strongly recommend Biotin Shampoo from Honeydew!

  69. Paula & Bob Colello

    We bought Paw Perfect deodorizing & cleansing pet shampoo lavender & oatmeal about a year ago for our Bombay cat and Savannah Bengal cat. They receive wipes weekly and full baths ever couple of months. We try very hard to use healthy products on our babies. We read the reviews and gave the product a try because of the positive comments. We received the product and loved the smell. Both cats enjoy the clean relaxing smell and their coats feel amazing. Helps with smell….conditions the coat/skin….shiny coat….. We love the product so much we recommend it to other pet owners and have just ordered another bottle. URL: X0017UIE5B Paw Perfect Deororizing & Cleansing Pet Shampoo Lavender & Oarmeal

  70. Paula & Bob Colello

    I just posted a review and noticed that only 4 stars not 5 came through….it should be 5 stars….love this product.

  71. Clayton

    A great product, it leaves your hair smelling great and feeling great.


    This shampoo works very good cleans good to makes your hair grow .

  73. Tahirah

    This shampoo does everything it say

  74. Craig Fergus

    I use the Argan & Tea Tree Shampoo and It’s the only shampoo I’ve treid that stops my head from itching due to dandruff! great product!

  75. Angela

    I have thinning hair due to medication and this is by far the best shampoo I have tried. It nourishes the hair and actually makes it feel healthier and fuller.

  76. Douglas Prather

    The product is excellent and even better priced compared to other biotin products, It improves hairs texture and growth. Does improve the keratin infrastructure. I will be purchasing more.

  77. Heidi

    Amazing product.It creates fullness and healthy-looking hair.

  78. Mindy

    I originally tried this shampoo to replace a well known product which charges high prices and requires regular auto delivery. I am thrilled with the results of the Biotin shampoo as it is very similar to the more expensive product and works just as well. It has a clean, unobtrusive scent, and leaves my hair and scalp feeling super clean, without being dried out. One bottle has lasted a long time and my hair is fuller and thicker. What a happy find!

  79. michelle smit

    Love the tea tree peppermint shampoo. Great dandruff control without the harsh chemicals and smells great!


    i’m currently using the anti-aging face and body cream and its good.
    it has transformed my face to what i’ve always wanted.

  81. Emma Landeros

    I really noticed the difference on my hair with the first bottle of shampoo Iused. My hair stopped falling and it feels a lot thicker

  82. Cheryl
    Anti-Aging Face and Body Cream
    It is nice to finally have a facial cream that softens your face.
    This product can be used on hands, arms and legs.
    The anti-aging cream is not oily or sticky like some other
    products on the market.
    This product makes your face and hands look younger.
    I would keep purchasing this anti-aging cream.
    I would recommend this to friends, family and other people.

  83. Elizabeth Haines

    Honeydew Biotin Shampoo is really great, it makes my hair so soft, and it smells really good, I also think it is slowly helping to thicken my hair on the top of my head. Thank you.

  84. Josh

    The product is very concentrated (so only a very small amount is needed), smells good, and makes my thinning hair seem a bit thicker. I like it.

  85. laura

    this product leaves a super clean and silky feel without weighing down or drying my hair.My hair also feels stronger. I love the smell, it is slightly earthy and kind of reminds me of an aveda product. It has definitely become a new staple.

  86. Michele Shannon

    Love these products so far.

  87. Michele Shannon

    Cant wait to try more

  88. Steve

    Improved my dry scalp as well as thickened my hair. Very pleased

  89. Gino

    Excellent product gentle to hair adds fullness and volume. Highly recommended.

  90. sapna shah

    great product, great, feels good , thickens hair

  91. Asma Aksa

    Good product works well just bought a new one and will purchase again

  92. Jennifer Morey

    I’m happy with this shampoo. I only use it about once or twice a week because that’s how often I shower (being retired!), so I haven’t seen any growth in the thinning area yet. But I love how clean my hair feels when I wash it! And I’m not sure about this, but it seems to take a few days longer to turn into an oily mess. Used to be that I had to wash it daily because of the oilyness!

    The only negative for me is the mildly unpleasant smell. It reminds me of those really strong smelling shampoos for ultraserious scalp problems, albeit much less obnoxious. I don’t liked heavily perfumed shampoos, but this one could usea very light touch of something to tone down the scent. (I don’t use a conditioner after shampooing because I’ve never found one that I can use without it feeling greasy). However, it’s not a deal breaker for me, and I do use a styling product that helps.

    Lastly, if the bottle wasn’t so hard to squeeze it would be much easier on my old, arthritic hands. It’s very stiff plastic, so I have to take the cap off and just pour it out instead. Again, not a deal breaker.

  93. Jessica

    I believe it does make your hair grow it feels amazing and looks full of life even after a hard day at work. And smells amazing

  94. Nicole Rogers

    I’ve been using this shampoo for 3 months now and I not only noticed my hair getting thicker but it took away the dandruff! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I will be using this shampoo from now on as I’m also using the conditioner and taking Biotin vitamins so you can’t go wrong using all three!

  95. Shawn A

    This shampoo works really well. I can already notice the increase in thickness in my hair after 3 weeks of use. I’ve tried many other “biotin” shampoos but none have really worked as well as this one. I will continue to use this one for my thinning hair.

  96. Elizabeth Masingill

    Been using the Biotin shampoo for a good 8 months now. My hair is stronger, and noticeably thicker. The shampoo smells great and you don’t need to use too much at each shampoo. I will definitely buy it again and again.

  97. Lisa

    Recently tried the biotin shampoo. It has made my hair manageable, feel incredibly clean with less hair loss

  98. Lisa

    Recently started using the biotin shampoo and I feel a difference in manageability as well as shine and less hair loss and breakage

  99. Stephanie

    I have been taking biotin capsules and added Biotin shampoo for my grey hair and thinning. I have had new growth in my natural color using both of these. I also have had my son who will be 21 using the shampoo. My husband’s side of the family has early balding and I have been noticing my son’s hair in the sink. Since he has been using the biotin shampoo there has been about 90% less hair in the sink I and I looked at his head last night and he had regrowth. I just bought our 2nd bottle and hope things continue to stay positive!

  100. sonny ke

    Great product! It helps to regrow new hairs!

  101. Tracy

    This is THE BEST shampoo I have ever used. My scalp feels invigorated, and my hair feels cleaner and fuller than ever before. I highly recommend this product.

  102. Theresa Strickland

    Been using Hot Cream for about a year and it’s incredible stomach is much smother

  103. Theresa Strickland

    Been using body butter and wow what a difference keeps the skin nice and smooth

  104. Jackie

    This shampoo works really well and smells amazing. Excellent product gentle to hair adds fullness and volume. Highly recommended

  105. Ben Fair

    This stuff works very good. I like using it

  106. Ben Fair

    works very good.

  107. RODNEY

    This shampoo makes a difference it works I used it for 3 weeks and I can see hair growing and you can feel it working

  108. Irene Irizarry

    Hi I have a good experience with product I recommend to anyone please send me the free full size products they offer for sharing my experience thank you

  109. Karen

    I bought this shampoo on Amazon and was very pleased with it.

  110. Joseph Anthony Bilodeau

    Great product! I’ve had notable results from using this over the past two years. I’ve tried other shampoo and paid triple the cost, None stack up to this. My friends friends even comment on good my hair looks.

  111. Stephanie Murphy

    What conditioner do you use with the biotin shampoo?

  112. John Misany

    I’ve been using Biotin shampoo and love the thick lather and the way it makes my hair thicker.

  113. Diana F.

    I bought this shampoo because my hair is thinning and I needed something to make it look fuller. This shampoo does exactly that. I have been alternating with my regular shampoo every other day and I have noticed a difference in the fullness of my hair. I recommend this product to those who have thinning hair.

  114. Brandy Arix

    I was kinda hesitant buying this cause I usually only buy shampoo and conditioner from a trusted salon. But I gave in and purchased it. Low and behold, I found a new FAVORITE. It made my hair feel healtier and cleaner after just the 1st use. Will definitely be buying again and will be recommending it to all my friends.

  115. Silvia

    I love this product!!! I have been suffering hair loss for years and I have used many many shampoos and I read reviews about this specific biotin shampoo and I wanted to try it!! It really does work!! My hair looks great!!!

  116. julio

    Great shampoo, have really noticed a difference past couple of weeks. Hair feels fuller!!

  117. Cody

    Good Product, have seen hair thicken after a month of use.

  118. Amy Flinton

    My hair was thinning, so I tried this shampoo – hair regrowth started right away!

  119. julio triay

    Great product!! After just a few weeks i felt my hair thicker and stronger. Would definitely recommend!!

  120. Charles C.

    I have used three bottles of biotin shampoo and have found my hair to be thicker and looks better.

  121. Jennifer Morey

    I’m thrilled with this product and hope they never change it! I’ve been using it for two months and already I’m noticing that I can see less of my scalp on the top of my head. I can’t wait to see what it looks like a year from now! Highly recommend it even if it’s just for the way my hair feels so soft afterwards. It’s an odd scent but not overpowering and it washes out (so please don’t add any heavy perfume!).

  122. Eric T

    I have been using this product for around 4 months now, and I do see significant effects in the thickness and fullness of my hair!

  123. Addison

    I purchased this product due to after giving birth my edges began thinning tremendously. I didn’t care for the smell at first but after using it once a week for about 4 weeks I can really tell the difference.

  124. Santiago

    I have been using this biotin shampoo for 2 and a half months and I really like it.My hair looks and feels thicker.I recommend it !

  125. Kelly

    Love this shampoo. My husband and I are both using it. My husband has not been using it long enough yet to notice any growth but I love the way it leaves my hair so soft. I am about to order our second bottle.

  126. Clay Johnson

    I have been using for about 4 weeks. My hair seems thicker and seems to grow faster than it did before. I enjoy using this product!!!!!

  127. Christian Penuela

    my hair stopped falling thanks to this shampoo, I would recommend 100%

  128. Christian Penuela

    shampoo work great, my hair stopped failing and it seems to be stronger, I would recommend 100%

  129. Anna Fine

    Good shampoo. Bought it for my husband. They hairloss stopped. And dandruff too as a bonus ! Will buy more! Smell nice too.

  130. Angie

    I love this shampoo. My hair is soft, silky, and is fuller.

  131. Melissa

    I have SLE and almost 2 years ago i had the Gastric sleeve done. I loose a lot of hair due to both issues. My hair used to be very thick and now it is very thing with bald spots. I started using the Biotin shampoo about 3 months ago and i see a big difference.

  132. fafa

    I like this it and will order again

  133. fae

    5 stars, what else did you want to know?

  134. Masha

    Very great shampoo. happy to find it.

  135. Masha

    Great shampoo. Happy to find it.

  136. Kimybearsewing

    Good and healthy feeling shampoo but very expensive

  137. HK

    Just testing to see if my 2 star review will get published. I haven’t tried the shampoo yet. Hard to believe that all reviews are 5 stars. Stay tuned for my review.

  138. HK

    Just testing to see if my 3 star review will get published. I haven’t tried the shampoo yet. Hard to believe that all reviews are 5 stars. Stay tuned for my review.

  139. Marta

    My hair is really thin and this shampoo works great. Definitely recommend it.

  140. Hamza abdo

    Great product, loving the smell very light not overwhelming. Always feel as if the shampoo really cleans deep to roots. after using the shampoo I notice double in volume. I’ve recommended my family to try . Highly recommended

  141. Lisa Dutcher

    I have thinning hair and I am now using Biotin Shapoo and taking biotin. It seems to be working. I THINK Im getting new hair growth. It certainly feels thicker. Ive been using it for a month now and Im seeing these results. Doesnt smell bad either! Give it a trial. Youre also not spending $50.

  142. Atanas Hambard

    I purchased this shampoo about two months ago, and I have used this ever since. My hair is stronger and thicker. Would use it again

  143. Christine

    worked great! Made my hair feel fresh and took the product build up out! Would recommend!

  144. AT

    This is a great Product will use again

  145. Justin J

    It smells great and your hair dries out quickly after shower.

  146. Sam T

    This product is great, have used over a year now and not only does in clean deep down through scalp it keeps hair soft all day

  147. John

    I’m starting to notice some male pattern baldness, so I started using biotin shampoo combined with minoxidil foam. After a few months I notice my hair is thicker in general and the thin spot is starting to fill in with baby hairs. It’s working. Make sure you follow the instructions.

  148. Kathy

    Works great. Doesn’t make a lot of suds, but leaves hair very clean. Is gentle on my color treated hair. My hair seems more healthy, soft and shiny.URL#X0015Q2Y4J

  149. Rosetta Johnson

    This is without a doubt the best shampoo for initiating hair growth. It has worked for my family and my hair clients. Growth is seen quickly with consistant use. Me personally, I use it once a week to maintain length and it kinda seems to be improving my hair texture. I’ve always had thin hair but i have noticed more volume in the last couple of months. I’ve only used the shampoo for about 3months. Very fast results. I wear protective styles to keep away tention and breakage so sorry no pics.

  150. Shawna Marie

    This shampoo works really good. I seen difference in both the thickness as well as growth of my hair. 5 stars!!

  151. Tony

    I am in the process of ordering another bottle of Biotin shampoo today. I have been very pleased by the results of this shampoo. My hair loss has decreased dramatically. I have tried other products with marginal success. I would recommend this product to anyone that is losing hair and would like to retain the hair they have.

  152. Gwendolene Tate

    I used the Biotin Shampoo and my hair is so soft and manageable and I can see so hair bumps in my scalp now. I like this product very much good results.

  153. Joel S

    Biggest result is a stoppage of hair breakage. Not seeing any new growth.

  154. Jeremy Rinker

    I could tell a difference after a few weeks of using it!

  155. Jeremy Rinker

    Worked after a few weeks of using it

  156. Pavel

    It’s really works. The best shampoo I ever had. I will buy it again

  157. Rosalinda Aguilar

    I have been enjoying using Biotin Shampoo for the past 2 years. My hair has been noticeably thicker and fuller! I’m 100% happy and satisfied with this product! I’d definitely recommend it to other people.

  158. Christine

    l loved the Honeydew Biotin shampoo. I’ve tried different shampoos with biotin and noticed no difference in my hair at all. Honeydew was great, my hair is growing a little faster and thicker. I have problems with retaining my hair and with biotin I have noticed much less hair loss.

  159. S. Aymond

    I finally acted on trying to save my hair with the hopes of growing it back. With some research and recommendations, I decided to try this product. With some time and patience, I noticed my hair getting fuller and the thinning area has began growing new hairs. This product does work. I use it with another hair growing product which was recommended. Shampoo smells great and I’m dandruff free on top of all that. I’m leaving 5 stars because the claims have proven true with this product. I’ve been using this product for a couple of months now and will continue using it. I’m very satisfy with the results I’m getting.

  160. jerrett spottswood

    biotin shampoo is the best shampoo i have found for stopping hair loss and growing some dose not cost a lot and works good to stop hair loss, you should try it,worth the money.

  161. Shaun Maddy

    Excellent product! Will definitely buy again. Results were seen within weeks.

  162. Julie Olen

    After losing my hair because of chemo, I used this shampoo on my scalp to help rev up the regrowth. First of all, it smells really good…like Aveda products. I feel it tingle on my scalp and really believe that it is helping to facilitate hair growth!
    If it could work on someone who has no hair, I can imagine what it could do for those who just want a boost.

  163. Andrew Joseph

    This product came quickly and was as described. Great service and product! Thanks, Honeydew!

  164. Serena Wainwright

    I’ve been using this shampoo for about a year now, and absolutely love it! My head and hair feel so clean after using it without all of the sticky residue that some other brands leave. I have very thin hair and with vitamins and using this Biotin shampoo, I have managed to keep the hair I have and have some new ones peeking through!

  165. Gabe M

    Great product! My hair is thicker and my scalp doesn’t itch anymore like it used to with regular shampoos. I definitely recommend.

  166. Chris

    I got this shampoo primarily to get rid of dandruff (which it did!), but was also pleasantly surprised to see that it really did thicken and strengthen my hair. Very happy to have found this shampoo!

  167. Anita

    I love it! My hair is full and beautiful thanks to this product!

  168. Lydia Kim

    I have used two of these bottles already and they worked great on my hair.

  169. Vincent Sanchez

    One word to describe the BIOTIN SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER SET: AMAZING! I was experiencinng thinning and hair loss when I decided to seek a shampoo conditioner set that would help out with this problem i was having. I have always been a big Amazon shopper for years spending hundreds every month to get any and everything I need. I always seek the highest and best reviewed items when I found this Biotin set. I went ahead and purchased it hoping for the best. After a month or so of use I noticed a massive difference where my hair was fuller, thicker and coming back to how it once was. Please do not hesitate to purchase this product, it is affordable and works wonders on your hair.

  170. Arielle Castelo-Branco

    Absolutely love this product. I am in my early thirties and realized my hair was thinning and falling out more than usual. I bought this product in hopes it would thicken and grow my hair. I have been using the shampoo and conditioner for about 3 months now and notice a huge difference! My hair really does feel thicker and seems to be filling in more in the balding spots along my forehead. I love this product so much I bought it for my mother and boyfriend who have different hair types than me. Both of them are now hooked and are noticing results immediately just like I did!!

  171. Jenn

    I’ve been using this for a little over a month now, usually washing my hair 3-4 times a week. It works very well, helping minimize breakage and helping my scalp to produce new hair follicles.I used it in conjunction with the conditioner and I love it. I will definitely buy again.
    P.S. The scent is fantastic.

  172. Rich

    I have been using this product for a few months now and I have to say I am very impressed. Works great. Makes my hair feel thicker and vibrant. Excellent product.

  173. Maria Ray

    I bought both the shampoo and conditioner and the smell is incredible. I make my hair feel so soft and shiny. My hairdresser says she can see new growth. I just finished both bottles so it’s time to reorder.

  174. Pradathon

    So its important to manage expectations. This isn’t a miracle shampoo for growing hair back, not many exist out there if any at all. But this shampoo and conditioner are great in maintaining what hair you have and in helping it grow thinker, healthier and fuller. This Shampoo/conditioner are great because they don’t dry out your scalp- a draw back of many other biotin hair products out there- and the natural ingredients have a refreshing scent. Overall this product gets 5 stars from me.

  175. Anthony

    works well for thinning hair!!

  176. Scott

    Excellent product, use the shampoo and conditioner together and really enjoy how it leaves my hair.

  177. Devon

    Drastic reduction in stress-related hair loss after starting to use the biotin shampoo and conditioner set! Highly recommend!

  178. Eliza

    Love this stuff. Made may hair soft and thick. Feels like it stopped my hair loss, but in the meantime made my hair have voume and my scalp isn’t as dry as before. Highly recommend.

  179. DAvid

    This shampoo does the trick for both cleaning your hair and helping it grow!

  180. Jill Swergold

    I bought this shampoo with the hopes of thickening my hair in some thinning areas. Not only did it accomplish that but it also made my hair feel so much softer. I would definitely purchase again.

  181. Alan Wallat

    Absolutely the best shampoo I have used. Definitely worth the money. Will buy again.

  182. Kathy Z.

    I purchased the biotin shampoo and conditioner and I just love it! It makes my thinning hair feel thicker and gives it more body. It smells good and a little goes a long way. I’ve tried a lot of shampoos for my thin hair and this one is by far the best!

  183. Sue Lamb

    I recently went through chemo treatment and lost my hair. I wanted a gentle shampoo that would help my new hair to be thicker and it has done that.

  184. Chad Dworak

    The shampoo is amazing, hair feels healthier and fuller. Plus you cant beat that low price for the results.

  185. Sasa

    The best shampoo ever for hair!

  186. Angry Customer

    If I could give this product a negative review I would. My hair has NEVER fallen out faster than it has immediately after using this product. Be very aware before purchasing this product

  187. Keeli Savage

    i love the way it makes my hair feel. im totally in love with biotin shampoo.

  188. Pat

    I had my doubts about biotin shampoo, after trying for the last 30 days the results are dramatic – thicker, plus her hair. Highly recommend this product.

  189. Marsha

    This product has a nice pleasing scent and you don’t need much to lather up. It’s too soon to tell if it is working or not, but my hair feels and looks great after use.

  190. DeeJay

    Works great! Bought two bottles so far, add it into my haircare routine and it has helped my hair a lot!

  191. eejg

    This was purchased for my son and I think its a good shampoo but not sure how much it is helping with the thinning

  192. Kristin

    This is a great product to strengthen hair growth!

  193. Kristin

    This is a great product to strengthen hair growth!

  194. Victoria Hoff

    I have used SO many products for thinning/hair loss, (and thousands of dollars), this is one of my favorite products ever! Very little product goes a LONG way, very rich lather, and leaves your hair and scalp feeling clean, and free from any harsh chemicals. I’ve been using it for months and my hair always looks so shiny, smells great, and natural, and so clean, but never weighed down. I love it!

  195. Theresa Abel

    Great shampoo!! Love the smell of it and it’s made a HUGE improvement to my hair.

  196. Kazuaki Miura

    Great product. I noticed the difference after using this product, and you will see the less hear after shampoo.

  197. Terry

    I feel that the Biotin shampoo is helping to fill in the balding patches on my head but it’s too early to tell if it is making a huge difference. The smell is nice and I plan to continue using it.

  198. Peggy VADLAMANI

    Really loved the product. I read a blog that gave a list of top 10 products to be bought from Amazon and guess what, Biotin shampoo was one of them. I have been using this for 2 months now and love the results- makes my hair smooth and oil free 🙂

  199. Sean lee

    They recently changed the ingredients and took out the most effective ones: L-Cysteine, Rosemary, Mulberry, Green Tea. Most of the positive reviews are from people who used the ORIGINAL version with the good ingredients. The new version has nothing groundbreaking in it, and since the new version does NOT contain L-Cysteine, Rosemary, Mulberry & Green Tea, this shampoo is now more like something you’d get at the drug store. If you toggle to 8oz version, it still shows the original ingredients, but the 16oz version does NOT. Try ordering the 8oz version if you want the original ingredients that helped with hair health, sebum, growth, etc.

  200. Liam

    Recommended… I’ve been using this product for a couple months now. It leaves my hair clean and silky feel without dryness, and my hair feels thicker and stronger. Smells good and lathers up well. I originally bought two bottles, and will certainly buy more.

  201. Ted Koclanes

    This product does everything they claim, I noticed my hair was thicker and more fuller after 30 days of use. Love this product!

  202. Ted Koclanes

    Works great, I noticed immediate improvement in my hairs fullness!

  203. william w morris

    In the past, I tried some similar and more well-known products, costing much more, and the results using the Biotin shampoo and been great. It’s been about 4-months since I started using this product, and since I’ve noticed my hair becoming thicker and healthier. It has a pleasant smell, lathers well and leaves my hair clean, and has actually improved my scalp dryness. I bought a 2-pack on Amazon and am still on my first bottle (short hair). I will certainly buy again in the future.

  204. Janet

    My hair was very limp and had become very fine, lost its curl and body. I started using Biotin shampoo and in about 30 days I saw a change in my hair. I have much fuller hair and body that holds curl again, shines and looks great! I have gotten comments about how pretty it is again. Its well worth switching to Biotin shampoo, you will be happy feeding your hair.

  205. Ted Koclanes

    Noticed my hair thickening almost immediate after 30 days of use. Would highly recommend this shampoo!

  206. Amazon Customer

    Great product, I really like the natural ingredients.

  207. Bill

    great product, after the first two weeks it stop my hair from shedding, it got thicker, and growing faster , great smell, will buy again and will recommends to my friends

  208. Isabel

    Love,love love,the Biotin Shampoo! After using this I will no longer use another shampoo.

  209. Isabel

    The best Shampoo I’ve used! After using the Biotin shampoo I will no longer buy any other shampoo. This product has saved my hair..

  210. Andreas Szankay

    I angel hair anymore after e few month of use.

  211. David

    This is by far the best product I’ve used to help keep my hair full. The conditioner is great as well!

  212. Kristine Shearer

    this shampoo leaves your hair feeling clean and seems to be helping with reducing hair loss.

  213. Kristine Shearer

    *****this shampoo leaves your hair feeling clean and seems to be helping with reducing hair loss.

  214. deborah a drewery

    I love this shampoo! I bought it to help thicken my hair and my husband decided he liked the way my hair looked so he started using it. He can tell a difference in the thickness of his hair. I love the smell and my hair doesn’t feel dry.

  215. Deborah Drewery

    I purchased the Biotin shampoo to help with thinning hair. It helped so much my husband started using it and he has noticed a difference.I like the smell and my hair feels extremely clean.

  216. Miranda

    I loved this shampoo! It worked wonderfully! My hair was fuller looking and i could tell there was some regrowth in the thinspots on my head. It smells great and works great!

  217. Tania Chavez

    I have purchased this shampoo twice. I noticed new hair growing since the first week of usage. Also it reduced the amount of hair I was losing. I recommend this product.

  218. Miranda

    This product is amazing. My hair was fuller, grew faster and I did have regrowth. Love, love, love it. I would recommend it to anyone

  219. Ximena

    This shampoo is very good, my hair feels clean and my husband hair look with more volume! Highly recommended!

  220. Wendy Hark

    I love this shampoo and will continue to buy it. I am using my second bottle and I can see a good improvement in hair growth. I love how my hair feels after I use this shampoo….it is very manageable and soft to the touch. I saw hair start to grow within a couple weeks. I would definitely recommend this shampoo if you have thinning hair. Thanks for a great product!

  221. PL

    I started using this product approximately 3 months ago. My hair is noticeably thicker and healthier!

  222. Heidi Petersen

    I have been using this product for about 6 weeks and I notice a change in my hair. Seems thicker and stronger. I would recommend it!

  223. My

    Purchased this shampoo from Amazon.
    I have been using it for almost a month. Losing less hair when I shampoo………
    I like the conditioner too. Make my feel soft!
    I will keep using these products!!!!!!!!!!

  224. MY

    I have been using it for almost a month. Losing less hair when I shampoo………
    I like the conditioner too. Make my feel soft!
    I will keep using these products!!!!!!!!!!

  225. jon cam

    awesome and helped my hair grow

  226. jon

    great for growing your hair

  227. alex ramdhoon

    I love there products and it helps my hair and it feel great my mom enjoy using the shampoos

  228. Carol Leiva

    I was skeptical at first but I after using for two months now my hair has stopped falling out and it is getting thicker after using the shampoo and conditioner combination. It really stopped falling as much after one week of using and now it is back to normal. I would recommend this to anyone trying to regrow hair or stop thinning as a part of their nutritional/hormonal balance treatment, this is a good addition and support!!

  229. Matt W

    I have used this product everyday for 6 months. Hair is thicker and has much more volume than before. Great for thinning hair

  230. Bruce Henry

    Wonderful Shampoo and fantastic company! Very responsive and Highly Recommended.

  231. Merieme Dafer

    Smells good. I like the conditioner because it makes my hair detangle a little bit more easier. I havent noticed any changes in my hair. Ive been using this for about 3 months. Hopefully my hair changes

  232. Matt W

    I have used this product daily for 6 months. Overall, my hair looks thicker and healthier than before. It’s great for thinning hair

  233. Joanna Smith

    I use both the biotin shampoo as well as the biotin conditioner and I love them! I had been having major hair loss and been taking prescription medication for it, but nothing worked until i found these production. Now i know my hair is getting thicker because i even have little baby hairs of new growth at my hairline. Thank uou honeydew!!!!!

  234. Kaitlyn

    I really was surprised by this shampoo. After using other natural shampoos that are sulfate free, paraben free, etc, I was very impressed that it was so easy to use. It does lather, unlike other natural shampoos, which makes shampooing delicate hair much easier and enjoyable. It has a very light fragrance, hard to peg the exact smell, but it is pleasant. The only thing I would change is I would prefer it to be fragrance free.

  235. Cynthia Cooper

    Too early to tell. I will use it upon completing chemo.Happy to have a product to use during recovery.

  236. Johnny Gardner

    Biotin shampoo makes my hair fuller, thicker, and with more body. I’ve used one bottle so far and am certain it has helped stimulate hair growth.

  237. Anthony

    Loved the Biotin Shampoo. It left my hair feeling nourished and fuller.

  238. Maria A Jalil

    Excellent product! I have been using it for 4 months and I notice a huge difference. My hair has always been extremely thin and this is the only shampoo that has been able to add volume and make my hair feel thicker and healthy.

  239. Karen

    I am a 77 year old woman who has always prided myself on my hair. About three years ago I suddenly started to lose my hair and I must say I panicked. I started using Biotin in pill form every day and after a few months I noticed my hair wasn’t falling out like it did. Last fall I started losing hair again although I was still taking the Biotin pill. I went on line and found all the good reviews for Biotin shampoo. I bought it on Amazon and can honestly say my hair has stopped falling out and I believe has thickened. I was using it every day and have recently started using it every other day with the same great results. I will be using it for the rest of my life.

  240. Kevin Shey

    Great shampoo! I have noticed my hair thickened over the course of the last 2 months using the shampoo. It was a great purchase.

  241. Whitney Gregory

    My husband purchased this Shampoo and raved about it. I was skeptical until I used it and after two months, noticed new hairs growing! I guess I’m a believer now so we will be stocking up for the entire year!

  242. Robert G

    I’ve been using Biotin shampoo for 3 months and I am seeing results. I use the Biotin shampoo in conjunction with daily Biotin vitamins and my hair is fuller and more vibrant. I highly recommend this product to combat hair problems. It works!

  243. Cliff Lane

    I purchased this Biotin Shampoo approximately 1 year ago and I definitely see a growth pattern with more active fulness to my doo!

  244. Clifford Lane

    I started using Biotin Shampoo about 1 year ago and I have definitely noticed an increased fulness to my hair and some growth along the way!

  245. Pamela Veenstra

    This shampoo has helped my thinning/breaking hair, and my scalp feels great after use. This Biotin Shampoo makes for a healthier scalp.

  246. Matthew Mayfield

    Been using this product for months, and the results are amazing! Thicker fuller hair and for a great price!!

  247. M.S

    Finally I can take a shower without clogging the shower thanks to biotin shampoo! I also use the conditioner. Both made my hair soft & manageable.

  248. Mary M

    Love this shampoo and conditioner. They work together and make my hair look so much thicker, and they smell wonderful!

  249. Mary M

    I love this shampoo and conditioner. They work together and make my hair look thicker. They also smell wonderful.

  250. Daniele

    Fantastic product! I’ve purchased this shampoo for the first time a little over a year ago and I couldn’t be more satisfied. My hair looks healthier, fuller, ticker and it feels great at the touch. I would recommend this product to my family & friends.

  251. Daniele

    I started using the Biotin shampoo little over a year and couldn’t be more satisfied. My hair has since got a healthier look and feels thicker and fuller. Would definitely recommend this product to anyone!!!

  252. John Wilk

    I have tried 3 other DHT blocking shampoos, all containing Biotin…The Biotin Shampoo from Honeydew products is the best I have used.First of all it is the most affordable, and second, it leaves my hair looking fuller and my scalp invigorating…I;ll stick with this shampoo

  253. John Wilk

    I have tried 3 other DHT blocking shampoos, all containing Biotin…The Biotin Shampoo from Honeydew products is the best I have used.First of all it is the most affordable, and second, it leaves my hair looking fuller and my scalp invigorated.

  254. Henry R

    I am taking testosterone treatments and my hair started thinning about 6 months after starting the treatments. I looked to Biotin as a treatment to stop an or reverse the loss….I am on my second bottle and I believe it has made a difference. My hair is starting to fill back in…where what a relief. I am very satisfied with this product!

  255. Ngoc Phan

    I been used the products for a few months it work well my hair less falling out and look full I like it
    Give 5 stars

  256. Ngoc Phan

    I been used the products for a few months it work well my hair less falling out and look full I like it
    Give 5 stars I will continue use them I bought a set shampoo and conditioner

  257. Ngoc Phan

    I will continue to use this products they are very good for my hair less falling out and look full after hair dry out thanks

  258. Dana Guillory

    My husband is on his second bottle of this amazing shampoo. His hair is coming back thicker and softer. There are noticeable hairs to the crown of his head growing in and he couldn’t be happier. Thank you Honeydew!

  259. Anthony Guillory

    I have purchased this shampoo twice. I noticed new hair growing since the first week of usage. Also it reduced the amount of hair I was losing. I recommend this product.

  260. Karen Nolin

    Great product! I live in a remote area with well water which isn’t always kind to color treated hair. This shampoo helps remove all the impurities and oils.

  261. Linda

    I have been losing hair especially in the crown and around my face, so I purchased and began using the Biotin Advanced Keratin Complex Shampoo about 3 months ago. I am not losing hair like I was and have noticed new growth in those areas that were so thin. I am excited to see what happens when I have been using it a little longer.

  262. Jim

    Great product! Notice a difference in how my scalp feels. Hopefully will notice some thickness soon

  263. Janet Lupa

    I’ve been on long term pain medications, which causes hair loss as a side effect… Since I’ve been using the shampoo with zinc pyrithione as my staple shampoo during this whole ordeal. I have not suffered from hair loss as a result… I continue to use this brand from Honeydew as my primary shampoo!,,,

  264. Brian Hunt

    We got the Biotin Shampoo and conditioner for my daughter. Her hair is very thin. We noticed a difference within a week. We love it. This shampoo and conditioner even lasts a long time. We will continue to buy this. My wife even loves how soft it makes her hair and my daughter.

  265. Ashley hupcik

    We bought the Biotin shampoo and conditioner for my daughter. Her hair is really thin. We wanted something to try to help and we love this. I love it as well it makes my hair so soft.

  266. Glenda

    I’ve been using the Biotin Shampoo for a month but don’t see a difference as of yet, but I will keep trying

  267. Adzhani

    my mom purchased the set to try it out & we swear by it now. it is the best investment a person could ever make. i am in a transitioning phase and this is putting the icing on the cake

  268. Eva Duryea

    I have been using the Biotin shampoo and conditioner for about 5 months now. My hair now has much more body than it has had since probably my teen years (I’m 35 now and have 3 children) and no longer requires heat styling after blow drying to look decent. It also looks fuller, and shedding has decreased by about one third. I have even noticed new hair growth. I am pleased with this product and will continue using it.

  269. John T Jagielski

    I have noticed thicker hair in the short time that I have been using this. Overall a very good product.

  270. Linda F. Stanley

    I must admit I was a bit skeptical about trying yet another hair care product. My hair was falling out by the handful each week and I had to do something. So far Biotin has lessened my hair loss so I will keep using it! Plus it smells so nice and it’s so squeaky clean. I’m so happy that I am going to recommend that my 30 year old daughter begin using it now so that she will also have lovely hair as she ages.

  271. Melissa Drust

    It has actually helped my hair grow for the first time.

  272. Shirley Lewis

    Recently bought 2 of this biotin shampoo & conditioner. It has been great. My hair has been falling out due to meds. I sure will keep in contact with this company for sure.


    Simply the BEST shampoo I never used,I have thin hair and it males it look full…I’m a customer for LIFE….


    I just wanted to add that the conditioner is fantastic too. Excellent products..Very happy..

  275. Vick

    My husband and I have been using the Biotin Shampoo and my husband really liked it. His hair stop falling. We really liked it,
    And my hair has Been growing.

  276. Vick

    My and my husband loved this shampoo,!

  277. Lori

    I am almost finished with my first bottle of the Biotin shampoo and conditioner. It cleans my hair and the conditioner moisturizes well. I still have hair shed but hopefully with longer use it will help that as well.

  278. sharmila

    I have been using biotin shampoo and conditioner for about 6 months good shampoo and conditioner. Controls my hair fall and reduced dandruff.

  279. Florence Charles

    I am using this for about 6 months now, I see some great difference on my hair… it stop my hair from falling out. I recommended to my friend and i’ll continue using it.

  280. Sky

    I got this shampoo for my mom due to hair thinning and the thinner spots of hair are now less noticeable. She is allergic to most shampoos due to eczema and this shampoo did not cause itching. Happy customer.

  281. Jean Almond

    I am about to complete my first bottle of Biotin Shampoo. I have been very pleased with the results. My hair is thicker and you can actually see new hair coming in. The shampoo leaves your hair feeling very clean and you do not get an itching scalp between washings. I will stay with this shampoo.

  282. Roy Hyder

    I have been using Biotin Shampoo for about a week and already notice exceptional results compared to anything else I’ve ever used. I’m not loosing as much hair anymore, my hair is growing at a very fast rate, and my scalp seems to be healing from foliculitus. I bought another bottle so I can have one in the bathroom and another in the kitchen.

  283. Steph

    Loving this shampoo and conditioner! Using for about two weeks straight and my friends have even noticed how healthy my hair is looking! Can’t wait to keep using!

  284. Stephanie

    Loving this shampoo so far! I have been getting so many compliments on how healthy my hair is looking!

  285. Nancy McGuire

    I am almost finished my bottle of Biotin shampoo and I have noticed my bald spots starting to fill in. I am amazed as I thought it wouldn’t work. Try it for yourself. It is a great product.

  286. shirley lewis

    I found these products and I just love them. My hair needs this to help it for healthness.

  287. Eun K Lee

    I’ve used two bottles of this shampoo and I think I will buy more!
    It smells like Aveda product and the quality itself is outstanding.
    Small amount works great on my hair and scalp and I don’t even use the conditioner.
    It makes my hair silky and promotes nice boost in volume!

  288. Ravi Patel

    Nice product.Loving this shampoo and conditioner!

  289. Andy Yang

    Great product. I really like this shampoo.

  290. Angela Lankford

    Love this product – shiny, strong hair!

  291. Jendayi

    This product along with Honey Dew Biotin Conditioner has made my hair so thick!

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