Lemon Sage Oily Hair Shampoo, 8 Oz

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19 reviews for Lemon Sage Oily Hair Shampoo, 8 Oz

  1. Oscar cabrera

    I like it it makes my heir smode smail good

  2. Melissa Gage

    This product is great. It helps cut down the oils my hair produces and smells good.

  3. Nico

    My hair started to look thinner and other shampoos were leaving it greasy or dry. Did some research and this shampoo contains many of the important ingredients to promote a healthy scalp and hair. Really pleased with this product. My hair and scalp feel much healthier since I started using this shampoo around six months ago. I won’t be switching shampoos anytime soon and I highly recommend this to anyone with greasy or thinning hair.

  4. Don

    Just Starting to use it. It seems to do as it was advertised.

  5. Don

    Works great and smells nice

  6. Barbara U

    I have short fine hair. I work out daily and that caused my hair to get oily. This prodiluct fixed my issues, plus it smells greay and the antibacterial properties of lemon are benefitial to my constant exposure to dirt and bacteria at the gym during ground exercises.

  7. Montana mcgee

    This product made my hair look nice and healthy,

  8. thomas c haynes


  9. thomas haynes


  10. Bruce Bucklin

    Great shampoo! Gives my hair a healthy look and makes it easy to comb. Smells nice, too.

  11. Bree Cunningham

    My daughter was really struggling with oily hair, she is 11. I had tried many products and shampoos. This one is by far the best! She no longer has super oily hair. Her hair was
    Oily even after washing…She has went from washing it every night to every other night. It’s so much better, thank you for a great product and helping my kiddo get rid of her oily hair problem!

  12. Jesse

    I initially bought this for my fiance as she has issues with her oily greasy hair. She seems to like the shampoo as ive heard no complaints 😉

  13. michele patnode

    I really l like this shampoo. I have fine hair and it makes it shinny, and it doesn’t dry it out.

  14. Setare

    This shampoo does make the hair feel healthy, cleaner and less oily! For me, it works best when I use it only 2 times a week while using an alternate shampoo in between.

  15. Lucinda Pruss

    I’ve been around the block several times, trying to find a shampoo for oily hair. This one finally does the job, and very well. I can go up to three days without my hair looking greasy. It has a fresh clean scent, and lathers very well in hard water. I’m astonished by the great results !

  16. S.B

    Bought for oily hair with dandruff issue. Happy to say it worked amazingly. Will purchase again.

  17. S.B

    awesome Product

  18. Raghd Khalilieh

    It is a good product

  19. Raghd

    It’s work with my oily hair

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