Tea Tree Oil & Peppermint Shampoo, 8 Oz

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27 reviews for Tea Tree Oil & Peppermint Shampoo, 8 Oz

  1. Darrell

    Great product that cleans the hair and stimulates the scalp. I’m completely satisfied with the way this shampoo works and give it my highest recommendation.

  2. Troy Peterson

    Great product – Refreshing scent – solved my dry scalp problem. Would recommend to a friend

  3. Lori Say

    Love this product. It works great on my son’s dandruff. Smells great

  4. Jaya

    Used this shampoo for dandruff and it kept my daughters hair clean from dandruff

  5. Anna

    I love this shampoo. It has been soothing on my dandruff, and helped to diminish my scalp flakage. It smells brilliant, and I only need a nickel size amount to scrub through my hair. Will definitely buy again.

  6. Sally

    We heen using this product for a year and love it. My hair is soft and has body. It also has the peppermint scent that repels ticks when we are outside in New Hampshire. We don’t plan to use anything else!

  7. Judith McNally

    Excellent product — very rich, aromatic, and leaves your scalp feeling clean and tingly fresh. Perfect for people with oily scalps and dry hair.

  8. Eseosa

    Awesome product. Leaves your scalp feeling clean and fresh. Perfect for dandruff.

  9. Stanley

    Really nice foamy shampoo. Peppermint scent adds a fantastic touch. Highly recommend!

  10. Anton

    Really like the fact this shampoo has tea tree oil and peppermint. It stimulates the senses and does a great job at relieving any dryness of my scalp. Very refreshing!!

  11. Maddie

    Love this shampoo! I was looking for a sulfate free shampoo and this was perfect because it helps with dandruff too! I wouldn’t say it helped with my dandruff completely but it makes my hair so soft and I love the scent

  12. Anton

    This product is fantastic. It leaves my scalp feeling clean and flake-free. It’s very energizing as well. Great stuff!!

  13. Luis

    Great product! I would recommend. This tea tree peppermint shampoo leaves my scalp feeling relaxed and not itchy.

  14. Susan Nies

    Currently undergoing chemo and have no hair! I love the feeling of the tea tree peppermint on my bald head. The product also smells amazing!

  15. Jacqueline

    I love using Tea Tree Oil shampoo and this product has peppermint on top of tea tree oil which makes it a winning combo. Love the cooling sensation and the refreshing scent. I’ve had great results with this shampoo for reducing dandruff and soothing dry scalp. Would recommend this shampoo!

  16. Leslie Taylor

    I love this product. It cleanses my hair as expected. You can feel the difference once you have finished washing your hair and I love the tingly feeling! A little goes a long way and it helps with drift.

  17. Donya Hickey

    I have been looking for a product that would help my dry scaly scalp and NOT contain all those harmful and harsh ingredients. Finally, I found this with essential oil. When you put it on your scalp, it feels like a cooling sensation that I think feels really good. I would give it 5 stars if they’d make the bottles larger and it came in a set with a conditioner.

  18. Brandi

    OMG, THIS IS GREAT. Definstely tingles . You can tell it’s working. My new shampoo. Thanks

  19. Brandi

    Great product. Works great

  20. Andre Quirion

    Great shampoo. Best dandruff shampoo I,ve tried. Lathers will just a little shampoo leaving hair itch free with a nice aroma.

  21. Ashley Coffey

    I love this product! I use it all the time and it smells amazing! It helps with my dry scalp so much especially in the colder months.

  22. Ashley Coffey

    Amazing product! Works wonders!

  23. Holin Mcgroin

    10/10 Great stuff! it works pretty good for treating dandruff a natural way. Needs to be in a bigger bottle but that’s just my 2 cents.

  24. Diya

    Excellent product,works great on dandruff hair,I would recommend this to anyone.

  25. Audrey A. Murray

    This shampoo is great. It almost got rid of all the scab like spots on my scalp. I ran out and they are starting to come back so of course I have purchased more. 5 stars

  26. Mary

    It smells really good. It is a little thicker than I like but I just add a little water It helps with my itchy scalp, so I don’t scratch it raw.

  27. Mary

    It smells great, it helps to open up my sinuses. It is a little thicker than I like but I just add some water and it does a good job. It helps with my itchy scalp so I don’t scratch my head raw.

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