Aloe Vera & Lavender Vanilla Oatmeal Pet Shampoo, 8 Oz

(80 customer reviews)

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80 reviews for Aloe Vera & Lavender Vanilla Oatmeal Pet Shampoo, 8 Oz

  1. Rachel Kaldes

    Love this profuct

  2. Rachel Kaldes

    Live it would buy it again

  3. Rachel Kaldes

    It is a good product would by it agaib

  4. Diane P.

    Wonderful Product! My dog has skin allergies and this shampoo seemed to soothe his skin. It smells great too!

  5. Diana Heffelmire

    I purchased the lavender oatmeal shampoo for my little min-pins, they scratch so much, not fleas, but dry skin, this really makes a difference, they don’t itch nearly as much with this shampoo, there good for about a month and this shampoo is very mild.

  6. Jada Tai

    great product! high reccomend

  7. Cesar Gallardo

    Excellent shampoo for pet My dog love it I use other shampoos and my dog we’ll get itch

  8. Teresa Ann Summers

    Excellent product

  9. Sabrina Kimmons

    I receiced the Aloe Vera & Lavender Vanilla Oatmeal Pet Shampoo. Smells great. Helped soothe my dogs itchy skin. Thank you

  10. Luiza Frantz

    Amazing ! The best shampoo I have ever bought !

  11. Theodore Potter Jr

    This is a good product

  12. Theodore Potter Jr

    This is a good place to find the products you need

  13. Theodore Potter Jr

    This is a good place to find products that you need

  14. Nad

    Amazing quality products, smells divine.

  15. Nad

    wonderful products

  16. Nad

    amazing quality

  17. Nad

    High quality products

  18. Sarah

    Ordered the anti-dandruff shampoo for our little guy and it smells/feels amazing! We’ve only used it once so far but it seems to be helping and his hair feels great.

  19. Candace

    love this and my Yorkie does too!

  20. Betty Smith

    Went to buy this product & they are say out of stock…

  21. Holli iliscupidez

    Everything is Natural
    That’s a big plus

  22. Lindsey M Danger

    I LOVE this product! The oatmeal soothes my dog’s sensitive skin, and the lavender and vanilla aren’t so overpowering that it irritates her nose. I will continue to buy this product in the future.

  23. Claudia Harrop

    Can’t wait to get it

  24. Lisa Diaz

    This stuff is great! Not only does it smell amazing, it helps my dogs so much with their dry skin! I have been buying this for 2 years now and will not buy another.

  25. Yvonne Belardo

    I used the Aloe Vera & Lavender Vanilla shampoo on my 2 fur babies . It makes their fur shiny and it smells so good.
    I will buy this product again.

  26. Sarah

    I like this I have a lot but it smells great and I last a few days

  27. Maria

    This shampoo is so great for my dalmatian puppy! He seems to be allergic to something in your normal, generic “cheap” shampoo, but this product is all natural and leaves his fur super soft and good smelling. It doesn’t give him any allergic reaction bumps he usually gets with other shampoos. He is now 6 months and we continue to use this brand on him. I highly recommend

  28. Joseph Ribando

    is it for my kids hair works great Tangles right out

  29. Joseph Ribando

    is it for my kids hair works great Tangles right out you’re starting to piss me off with your f****** little s*** here how about that

  30. Mark Bastion

    Hair Loss Shampoo working.

  31. Kerri-Ann

    Great product! I have been using this shampoo for over a year now! Smells great, my dog has sensitive skin so it’s the perfect product!

  32. Jada Tai

    This product is amazing and works very well for keeping fleas away from my dog!!

  33. kina

    this product is great!

  34. Donna

    The mint and tea tree conditions smells so fresh and leaves hair so soft. I would recommend this to anyone needing hydration added to their hair.

  35. Diane Roberts

    Scar Cream
    Works like magic! Scars disappeared overnight after first application, leaving skin smooth and soft.

  36. Shirley

    I used the Biotin shampoo and it worked great on my hair. My husband loves it. Makes my hair feel clean and soft.

  37. Shirley

    I used the Biotin shampoo and it worked great on my hair. My husband loves it. Makes my hair feel clean and soft. I love this product.great job.

  38. Peter salcuni

    My hair is growing again!

  39. Joan Copeland

    I have never had oily hair and to my surprise a few months back I started having the issue, I tried many products to combat the problem (with absolutely zero results) prior to choosing Honeydew for Oily Hair. I love this product not only does it work very well to control the oils now in my hair, but it makes may hair feel wonderful. I highly recommend this product.

  40. Jeanette

    Lavender Magic Massage Oil
    This oil works wonders, it smells great, it does not run dry quick and it is not sticky. It was easy to transfer to a travel bottle for my flight and my clients loved it.

  41. Kendria Anderson

    I am using the biotin shampoo and simply feel in love with it. It has left my hair feeling fuller and stronger and has bought back its natural appearance. I love this product and will be buying more.

  42. Larry Levy

    the Biotin shampoo is a great product. I would recommend it to anyone.

  43. Larry Levy

    The product works great. I would recommend it to anyone.

  44. Scotty

    It’s been about 2 months now that jve been using this shampoo. For starters, it has a really nice smell to it. Nothing over powering or smells of perfumes. Just a natural smelling scent. The quantity needed when using isn’t that much per treatment. Lathers quite well and goes a good ways. Does this shampoo hold up to its claims……. I would have to give it a yes. I haven’t any dandruff, my hair is clean and soft, and I’m actually getting my lost hair back. I’m using another product that recommended this one to use with it. Both products used together are working out for me. Removing the dht buildup with this shampoo, and using a hair growing product with it is the way to go. I’m giving this shampoo a 5 star review because of it claims. Clean hair and new hair growth is satisfactory in my book.

  45. Tiffinie Larry

    this shampoo is awesome will recommend for anyone with dogs. its amazing!

  46. keese darnell

    i love this stuff for my dog it smells great and stops the itching and the outside smell.

  47. Sonya

    I absolutely love your product. I use it to make my own face cream and my skin is smooth and fresh. Thank you for making your product such a high quality.

  48. Jennifer Leeann Cromer

    Honey dew works for me

  49. Michael Buel

    Love this shampoo! Smells great and makes his skin and fur feel amazing!!

  50. Jeremy Murrell

    I Love This Product..

  51. Gloria

    The “Sensual massage oil” works great and smells wonderful. I like that doesn’t leave an oily residual mess when done.

  52. Diane Eklund

    Recently purchased the Biotin shampoo and conditioner. So far very happy with the product

  53. Stephanie Tatiana Polio

    Dody butter awesome cream I’ve been doing squats and cream helping me tone my butt. Exiting!

  54. Fariba Bstani Allahabadi

    The Pleasant pet shampoo works very well for my dog. When I was washing my dog with this brand of shampoo he really was enjoying. As I remember, my dog doesn’t like to take a shower but with this brand he really felt good and was happy. The smell of the shampoo is very fragrant.

  55. Fariba Bstani Allahabadi

    The Pleasant pet shampoo works very well for my dog. When I was washing my dog with this brand of shampoo he really enjoyed it. My dog doesn’t really like to take showers so I try to minimize the number of times he showers. The smell of the shampoo is very nice. The only downside is that the bottle is small and a bigger portion would have been better.

  56. april a lopez

    great product my dog stopped itching,pleasant smell

  57. Robert Grover

    I use 100% Pure Castor Oil to help prevent cataracts. I use 1 drop in each eye. I also use it on my hands &face. Great product!

  58. Mary J Tabor

    Thank you foit really smells good & makes her hair so soft.

  59. Linda Shumaker

    Wonderful shampoo for Cocker Spaniel sensitive skin!
    Confident that bugs will stay away and great smell!
    Thanks for fantastic product

  60. oradoan

    yasss i loveit so much pleasebyyy

  61. Debbie OConnor

    Great Product
    A must have

  62. Alyssa Dennery

    Works pretty well when used according to the package. Smells great!

  63. Sarah melo

    I have been trying the eco hot cream which is great and ot really works I recomend it

  64. Kristie

    We purchased the all-natural dandruff shampoo for kids for my 10 year old son. We had tries every non toxic product on the market with no success. After using this product for a week I noticed there was barely any dandruff left. Now that we’ve used it for a while he has no flakes. Awesome SAFE product

  65. laura rich

    I recently tried the biotin shampoo, followed the instructions, and my hair really responded well;
    my hair is thicker and more lively and the shampoo smells great and foams up wonderfully.

  66. Bonnie Williams

    Havent tried product yet . But if others say it works good I love to try it.

  67. Bobbi POWERS

    Don’t have but would love to get.

  68. Stacey Adkins

    Seems like a great product.*****

  69. Maria Razzano

    I purchased the biotin shampoo as my hair is thinning. It did make my hair grow faster. And my hair is definitely healthier looking.

  70. lisa

    lavender vanilla oatmeal shampoo is the best… our dog has severe allergies and ths works great

  71. Mary Leibold

    I had a massive injury on my thigh, taking our part of my muscle, leaving a huge scar 8″ by 4″. The cream has greatly reduced the visibility of it and the scar is not as raised as well. Great product with great ingredients.

  72. Ebony nettles

    I love my honey dew product the hot cream it’s great works good

  73. Isabel Pintado

    Great cream is working excellent on my knees scars definitely recommend

  74. Katelyn D.

    This product is truly worth buying! I recently adopted a senior border-collie lab mix that has a long coat. This shampoo was a random item I purchased and after the first use our dog’s coat was noticeably softer and shinier. Now I won’t use any other dog shampoo!

  75. Stacy

    Before I bought the all Natural Dandruff Shampoo for Kids for my Daughter who had a very bad dandruff build up and nothing helped, it was aggravating watching her itching, crying and leaving cuts in her hair. Now this product has brought so much relieve to me and her.I would recommend this product to any mother with the same problem.

  76. Jennifer Smith

    I started using Biotin Shampoo when I noticed my hair was thinning and I was getting bald spots. It turned out I have alopecia. This shampoo really helped slow the rapid hair loss I was experiencing. I would absolutely recommend it.

  77. Adrian Ciobanita

    I’ve been buying this product for about 3 months now. I have very fine hair and oily, my hair feels and looks a lot fuller and less oily since I’ve been using this shampoo. Also Love the fact that I can not see any residue on my dark hair, this is been a problem in the past with other brands.

  78. Beverly Dupin

    Biotin Shampoo…Great Product I’ve noticed less hair loss since using this product

  79. Amanda

    Recently purchased natural message oils for body. Love it! Works well and does not leave a sticky or slimy residue behind.

  80. William Lanza

    I bought the Lavender Oatmeal Pet Shampoo and the results were outstanding,good lather and good smelling dog.Great product!

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