Colloidal Oatmeal Dog Shampoo, 8 Oz

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48 reviews for Colloidal Oatmeal Dog Shampoo, 8 Oz

  1. Sharnel

    Love love love this shampoo and the spray!!! My dog picked up some type of bug from other animal on the ranch, i was bathing her too much! Found this shampoo it not only helped the issue, it helped with itching and dryness from too many baths. Great product! And the lavender relaxes my little Bullnese.

  2. Heidi DeRaad

    Excellent product.


    I just gave my golden retriever Sophia a bath using Lavender Oatmeal Pet Shampoo…it is pretty cool even on a sunny day here in the Adirondack northern slope, but Sophia was calm, more than a bath a week ago. And the shampoo worked well…it had a strong scent during the bath, slathered up well and left her fur fluffy like a duck. I got this shampoo because she had a severe bout with fleas last year and her skin seemed to have been stressed out, dry, itchy, blemishes etc. I wanted to try to remedy that. So far, 24 hours later, it seems to have worked. Her fur is lustrous, with a very slight scent.This shampoo is a bit pricy for me but if works to combat the dryness brought on by anti flea medications, then it will be worth it.

  4. Tracy H Allanson

    Love this shampoo.Nickie was just wonderful afterward. It calmed her right down. I gave her the bath in the afternoon and she slept all night without wanting me to get up.

  5. Carla Goings

    My dog loves the lavender oatmeal shampoo, he usually does not enjoy his baths but every since I have been using this oatmeal shampoo he loves bath time, and he use to itch a lot. No more itching since I have been using this shampoo, I have a happy dog.

  6. Greer Curry-Haner

    We quite like this shampoo! Our baby dog is much less itchy after using this for a few times!

  7. Cordaie James

    I gave my dog a bath with this and she smells so good it gives off a good sent and it’s a pretty color

  8. Jennifer Steenberge

    Love this shampoo it left my dogs coat super soft and shiny worked great 👍

  9. Jane Bertolo

    I used this shampoo on my dog and love it! The smell is amazing and the lavender smell seems to calm him. He hates bath time but is well behaved when I use this shampoo. It leaves him smelling so nice and makes his coat so smooth and soft. He has sensitive skin and this definitely helps.

  10. Erica Dutchess

    This shampoo was great for my dogs and it smells so good!

  11. Erica Dutchess

    This shampoo was great! My dogs smelled so good after their bath!

  12. Danielle Daigle

    This shampoo is amazing. It smells amazing and helped our new puppy’s skin moisture. Definitely recommend.

  13. suzanne boyette

    Wonderful shampoo. My dogs who is only 6 months old is itching and scratching a lot. Since using this, that has significantly decreased and it smells great. Being a Labrador, she loves the water, so has no problems with being bathed, in fact, the opposite, when she sees the bottle now, she knows what is up.thanks Honeydew

  14. J. Roller

    Really liked this shampoo for our Doberman that has had some dry skin issues. The smell was great and we had a happy, clean pup!

  15. richard deutsch

    Gave Sophie, our 5year old Cavapoo, a bath with the Lavender Oatmeal shampoo. could not be more pleased with the results. would buy again

  16. george torres

    Excellent product that my little Pug loves. Great smell and has made bathing easier on his parents.

    Thank You

  17. Dana Ynostroza

    My big dog “POPPA” loves his baths!He is left super soft and smells lovely.After 6 years,we found the perfect shampoo.

  18. Crystal

    Really liked the Lavender Oatmeal shampoo. Smells good and does a great job of cleaning my dogs. My older girl was mildly shedding and itching (short hair, pit bull) and I definitely notice that stops after her baths with this shampoo. Also, half the price of another shampoo with comparable ingredients. I would definitely purchase this shampoo again.

  19. Mary Simpson

    Great shampoo for itchy and dry skin. Smells really good too

  20. Carly Kammers

    Love the scent and it is great for my dogs sensitive skin!

  21. Laura S. Surillo

    My dog has sensitive skin and has always scratched herself alot. Since using this shampoo she has stopped scratching and it smells soo good!!!

  22. Arnold

    Great shampoo fragrance last for days. It’s great does a great job cleaning and skin friendly solution. My dog lives it to

  23. Jessica Deady

    Smells great and works great on the hound smell

  24. Betty Brody

    Love this shampoo

  25. Tae Hee Han

    I like lavender small, I think my dog also like it more.I will use this item continuously. Please try it!

  26. Boushra nair

    This shampoo not only smells amazing but lathers so well and cleans beautifully. My yorkie poo’s skin and coat has never looked better! Highly recommend this shampoo.

  27. NicoleS

    Great product. I have tried other products before, but this lavender oatmeal pet shampoo is great! A little goes a long ways. I use about 1 oz to wash my 20 lb dog. The scent is nice and last for a few days too. Leaves my lil buddy clean and soft.

  28. Melanie Azam

    Smells great and cleaned good!

  29. Kerri

    Used this shampoo on my German Shepard and Boxer. They looked good and smelled good afterwards. No dryness or irritation. Will buy again.

  30. Senada Jez

    Love this stuff. It smells so natural, like the oils you’d put in a diffuser. It makes my chow smell amazing.

  31. Senada

    Love this stuff. It smells so natural, like the oils you’d put in a diffuser. It makes my chow smell amazing.It last long at least a week with daily brushing, and smells so natural.

  32. Senada

    Love this stuff. It smells so natural, like the oils you’d put in a diffuser. It makes my chow smell amazing.the smell last for a week with daily brushing and makes his hair soft. The smell is just right, smells so natural. Love it.

  33. Michelle

    I have very itchy dogs and this shampoo helped a lot. It also smells great.

  34. Terry Besenyody

    We have a silver lab that loves to play in the mud on rainy days. The minute she comes in the house she heads to the bathtub where she gets a nice, warm bath with Lavender Oatmeal Pet Shampoo. This stuff smells SO GOOD and is so gentle on her skin. Her coat looks so nice, and she smells so good when she is done. This is a great product and the only one we use!

  35. Jaime

    Love this shampoo! My dog has sensitive/dry skin and this helped with the itching. It also smells amazing! The scent lasted a couple weeks & made his fur super soft.

  36. Pamela Delarosa

    Love the smell!! My pets are like walking scented candles!

  37. Beth

    This shampoo is so gentle. It did a great job on my Goldendoodle’s coat.

  38. Nicole Welsh

    We love this shampoo! It smells so good and cleans Maisie so well. She loves getting dirty in the mud, and this shampoo cleans her right up. It smells great and she smells good for days after using it.

  39. Marilynn

    The smell is wonderful and makes my dog’s hair soft.

  40. Dana

    This is the very best pet shampoo for our beagle. We have tried many different brands and they only worked for 1 or 2 days and then our beagle would start smelling like “Fritos” again. This Lavender Oatmeal shampoo worked fantastic – it gave him a fresh clean smell for several weeks!

  41. Carla

    Love this product! Has a wonderful lavender scent but all the calming properties of oatmeal. My dog has very sensitive skin and am so happy to have found this product!

  42. Carla Charnick

    Love this shampoo for my doggy! She has very sensitive skin and this shampoo makes her smell good and her coat shine all the while calming her itchy skin! Highly recommend!

  43. Carla Charnick

    Love this shampoo for my dog! She has very sensitive skin and this shampoo makes her coat smell clean and shiny while calming her itching. Highly recommend

  44. Jessica Nguyen

    The best dog shampoo by far!! I have 2 dogs, one Shar Pei has very sensitive skin and she gets hives with the other shampoos I tried, this worked, no more problems for my beautiful girl.

  45. Kendy Klump

    I was looking for a solution to my dog’s terrible skin allergies and I’m so glad I found this product! My dog gets instant relief once he’s in the tub with this shampoo on, and it makes his coat so soft and smell amazing. I highly recommend this dog shampoo.

  46. Gail

    I have used the shampoo a couple of times. My fur baby seemed itchy. He has sensitive skin. Shampoo worked like a charm. He is not scratching much and smells delicious. Shampoo seems to have a calming effect on his skin. Yaaa we are hooked on this shampoo.

  47. Joe

    Product worked well and smelled good. The bottle was a little smaller than I had hoped but 8oz as advertised.

  48. Raven

    I recently purchased this shampoo for my frenchie puppy and he absolutely loves it! The scent is very faint which I love because it is not over bearing, it smells lovely like lavender. I did a lot of research prior to making my purchase and this one seemed like the best fit! We used it on our 10 week old puppy with no problems.I do wish the bottle was a little bigger though but it will definitely last us a while!

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