Lemongrass & Citronella Pet Spray for Dogs and Cats, 8 Oz

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25 reviews for Lemongrass & Citronella Pet Spray for Dogs and Cats, 8 Oz

  1. Eder M

    I purchased this on Amazon, a few weeks ago, man is it amazing, I purchased it for the sole purpose to keep mosquitos and fruit flies away from my dogs. mission accomplished with ease, even under a Californian sun, and it also smells amazing:)

  2. Karen Baez

    Excellent product. Just like described

  3. Jennifer J

    Purchased via Amazon prior to a camping trip to use for my furbaby. Works great kept mosquitos and those little pesky noseeums. Best of all is smells great! Will definitely keep in stock in our camper and at home.

  4. Teresa

    This is a great product for every day use and prevention of insect bites! Non-irritating for my dog, appealing smell, and just a few spritzes are needed for combing through your dog’s fur.

  5. Deana Fulmer

    I ordered the Pet Pleasant Pet Spray (Lemon Grass & Citronella). It works to keep the ticks and fleas off my dog here in Tennessee and tromps through the woods every day. Its so nice to have a natural product to turn to instead of the other harsh chemicals out on the market. Great product. Will buy again.

  6. Amy

    Purchased this product on Amazon and it smells great. I use it on my dogs after I give them a bath and in between baths. I use it to keep the fleas away, we have a lot of property and my dogs like to lay in the grass.

  7. Ashley M

    We treat our Bernese mountain dog for ticks but we also bought this to help out some more because we’re always in a woodsy area. The smell is good and is not strong. I feel better knowing he’s extra protected!

  8. Ashley M.

    We use a collar to protect our dog from ticks but also got this spray to help out during the summer when insects and ticks are all over. We are in a woodsy area in the shore so we feel better knowing he’s safe! Great smell!

  9. Missy medina

    I bought this for my dog before summer starts and flea season is here it works on fleas and mosquitos and I have not seen a flea on him anymore I don’t know about ticks we don’t have any but mosquitos have stayed away the smell is not bad at first it does take a little bit to get used to it but after a few sprays you get use to eat just make sure to avoid ur dogs mouth and eye area Iam so glad I bought this spray seems to be better than those chemicals ones and the price is affordable Thank you honey dew

  10. Miriam Medina

    Awesome spray does work and it’s not like other flea sprays that can be bad for your pet also the smell is ok u get used to it would buy it again

  11. Helen Desaulniers

    Works great on preventing ticks and fleas on my cats. Smells nice and no harmful pesticides too.

  12. Jennifer

    I recently purchased this and it works wonderfully. It has a nice light scent & I have even used it on myself when I do yard work & it works great. I love that it is all natural with no chemical smell


    I have been using this product for 3 years and it works wonders for keeping my fur babies flea free. I first spray them just before the summer gets super hot and then reapply every week and immediately after they’ve been groomed. NO FLEAS!! Absolutely love this product and always have an extra in storage.

  14. Marie Hampton

    My puppy was too small for any products that protected from pests like mosquitos and live along river valley where they are so thick you can hardly see! Afraid of him contracting heartworms before he even had a chance so got this on Amazon and worked so well started using it myself! No residue and smells good.

  15. Steve Klein

    Works quite well. Does not have long lasting effect, which you should expect from non chemical based product. Lasts+/- 3 hours. I use it myself as well.

  16. Kyle K

    Purchased this for my beagle when we go camping. Not only does she smell nice it keeps the mosquitoes and other bugs away. She has bug-free fun and I don’t have to worry at all. This is a necessity for any outdoor dog encountering those pesky bugs. Wonderful product. Will purchase again.

  17. Annette McGee

    Excellent product!! Works great!!

  18. Rachel Naples

    This is a great spray for humans as well and can be used as a light mosquito repellent. Clean and fresh scent!

  19. Lina Liu

    We started using this natural oil spray on my dog about 4 months now and are very satisfied with the product. When we saw our dog is so calm, happy, no more itching, scratching, able to sleep thru the night w/o scratching, we were so happy and so thankful that finally a product that is natural and helped with flea problems. We stopped using those chemical pet flea prevention medications on him. Those were not as good as this natural oil spray plus we love it as being all natural so it will not harm him. I’m so happy with this product and would recommend this product. Just spray on him specially his legs, chest, neck, belly areas and the bugs will stay away from him. It smells pretty good too.

  20. Tzukuang Liu

    we’re very pleased with this products. It smells well and helped with fleas, mosquitoes away from our dog. It worked better than all other products we used on him. we would recommend this products to anyone is looking for a natural, harmless products for their pets.

  21. Cyndy S.

    I purchased this on amazon to use on my two doggies since they spend a great deal of time outside and I wanted to keep mosquitos away. Spray works pretty well in doing just that and it smells awesome! You may need to reapply if your dogs run around a lot and get sweaty.

  22. JAN

    I stopped using the flea medicene from vet that goes on my cat on top of neck because it was causing a strange swelling of her abdomen.
    I started using PET PLEASANT and spraying on her every few days before I let her outside. She is indoor cat with short controlled spurts outside in specific area. Not only has she not gotten any fleas this summer, but her coat is so soft, everyone who comes to my house wants to know how I get her fur so soft. She is not crazy about being sprayed with it, but it ihas not been an issue and it is very easy to do.

  23. David M Iannotti

    Great product. Lathers nicely, smells clean and fresh, rinses clean. Vesta the doberman approved!

  24. Janet Z.

    Used this all summer long to help with imsects. It smells good…keeps my cats smelling fresh.

  25. Jill

    Especially in the winter, when our boxer’s skin get dry, I love spraying her with Pet Pleasant each day. It is a very pleasing scent and definitely helps to sooth her winter, itchy skin. Plus, her coat has a lovely shine! Great product!

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