Butt Enhancement Cream, 4 Oz

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47 reviews for Butt Enhancement Cream, 4 Oz

  1. Anna Desper

    It’s not my imagination. It really works. I tried another enhancement cream that was more expensive, but it
    wasn’t nearly as affective as the Body Butter. So I switched back to the Body Butter, and again I say, it’s not my
    imagination, it really works. I also got the results faster than I expected. I have the money for the surgery,
    but the Body Butter enhanced my butt naturally because it conformed to my body’s shape and size. Best of all,
    I notice the difference in my husband’s response. He can’t keep his hands off of me.

  2. Meme

    I been using this product for 4 days now ans it really works i even have my cuff back i also been doing squats with it ill definitely five and update

  3. Angélica

    It really works!! Butt butter has helped me minimize my cellulite, and my butt has become fuller and tone. I highly recommend this product.

  4. Chris Hatfield

    This cream REALLY WORKS!!!😀 I am a man and I went from NO butt to NICE BUTT!!!😀

  5. tania saucedo

    This product has worked wonders for me!its helped me a lot with the body parts i want to enhance.
    i had to give them as gifts for my family members and they loved it!

  6. Laura Velasco

    This cream is AWESOME,I love it and I use it everyday after shower in the morning it works so good.

  7. Laura Velasco

    This cream is AWESOME ,I love it and I use it everyday after shower in the morning-it works so good


    I tried this product a year back, I liked it a lot! Cream is very light and smells very good!


    Really liked this cream! Smells very well and penetrates well into skin!

  10. Marangely Huertas

    I have to say at first I was like no way, this is not going to work but I bought it because I was curious and wow it full me. This really actually works that I was so surprised and people started to notice and now I can’t stop using it and I will continue to buy more. I have tried other creams and they did not work and this one actually did that I am so glad I bought it.

  11. Marietta M Benoit

    this product is the best I tried and will keep useing it. I would recommend anyone to get this products

  12. Tamika R

    I have used this cream several times and it is the absolute best! It leaves my skin soft and it’s not greasy. I would say it works very well for what I needed it for. I will purchase again.

  13. Heather Rea

    Would Love to try your products!!!! They sound amazing!!!

  14. Demetria Reed

    I love the Body Butter if use as directed you will see results. I have purchase my 4th jar now.

  15. Melissa Ruiz

    I’m really surprise because this product really works !! I love it !!

  16. Ayanna

    I love the HoneyDew products that I have tried. But I really love Butt Butter, I seen noticable results within the first few weeks of using this product. I was really able to see the difference in the small dimples in my lower butt within a few days. When I combined this with my regular workouts for my Butt I was truly shocked. I love it

  17. Linda Mccleskey

    This is very confusing to get through all of this. I don’t like this. I started out wanting something else and this is where I wind up upset and frustrated!!!

  18. Linda Mccleskey

    Interesting area to say I’m repeating myself and it should matter how I feel!!!This is very confusing to get through all of this. I don’t like this. I started out wanting something else and this is where I wind up upset and frustrated!!!

  19. Sheila ramirez

    I love this product it really works, I can feel the difference .

  20. Leanna Onika Waithe

    Ive use this for a few weeks and I’ve seen a lot changes also it makes ur skin feel baby soft would definitely recommend u use this while exercise. I love ❤️

  21. Leanna Onika Waithe

    First time I use this it felt great my skin felt so soft and I would definitely recommend this to everyone I’ve seen changes in just a short time I love this

  22. Patricia Basse

    Cant wait to try my scar cream. Love honeydew.

  23. Rachel Naples

    Pet Pleasant Pet Spray:
    Love this product. It’s also great for humans as a light mosquito repellent. Such a wonderfully clean and fresh scent to massage into your pet’s coat!

  24. Talawna

    There cream is amazing seen results withing two days i noticed my butt starting to form into a more rounder figure ive tried alot none have come close to being as good as this one

  25. Maggie

    This cream really plumped my butt.. and VERY smooth.. love it.

  26. maggie

    This cream really plumped my butt, and also made it very soft.. love it

  27. Suga-B

    It works!! I noticed the results in about 2 weeks. I even had people asking me was I working out. And the crazy thing is I did not even do one squat. This is a ‘must buy’ cream. It gives you the curves and tone that you are looking for and it also softens the skin. It’s an amazing product with no work or any type of unwanted symptoms that a pill or surgery may give you. Simply use as directed and your on your way to looking amazing in those favorite pair of jeans.

  28. Suga-B

    It’s a ‘must buy’ cream. I noticed results in less than 3 weeks. I even had people asking me what type of work out was I doing, and the crazy thing is I had not done one squat. Just simply follow the directions and you’re on your way to having the curves and tone you are looking for. There are no after effects from using this product, unlike a pill or surgery. You will be loving to wear those favorite pair of jeans.


    I love this stuff and It actually works. Now obviously you have to put in the work too and apply twice a day, but even when I only applied once daily I saw a difference. Only downside it does take time and you have to continue to use it.

  30. Shanta Spencer

    I love this cream!! This cream Really works. One day I happened to notice that my butt looked bigger in my jean. And plus sometimes I would forget to use it twice a day as directed.This cream is awesome!! No surgery for me!!

  31. GiJim

    Let me first start by saying I tried this out of curiosity To my surprise this really does work. I bought it, I used it, and it works in about 10 days when used as instructed. Yes, I am a guy and it worked for me. Give it try and see what it can do your tushy. Yes, I’m now on auto ship. The wife is using it now.

  32. kaylee

    Smells very good and work fast!

  33. kaylee

    Its a great product! I love it, it works fast and smells amazing!

  34. Farrah Jones

    I love it it really do work need more

  35. Stacey Wagner

    I sure hope that this cream helps firm my hind end some lol getting up there in age starting to sagg a little bit I heard that it is a great product I can’t wait to try it.

  36. BB

    only been using for about 30 days now but i can sea difference in the firmness of skintone

  37. Michelle

    I got this amazing enhancement butter for my luscious butt and wow it really works..I do donkey kicks 30 and squats too but this butter helps with the firming and more rounded bottom.I just say I’m very impressed and get many compliments on my Apple butt.the price is perfect the results are amazing you have to use consistent to see results.but you will just dedicate this butter to your daily routine and watch your bottom perk up…happy firming and lifting…..

  38. Michelle sambrano

    Butt butter enhancement cream.i was hesitant on ordering this cream.not thinking these creams actually work.but I gave it a shot and been faithfully using this amazing cream twice a day.and with my routine of squats and donkey kicks to my surprise this cream took away my cellulite and WOW does it make my bum feel super silly yes I do wanna try other products from honeydew.amazing results leads me to be a happy customer.thank you for such amazing results ….

  39. Jamerial Matthews

    This is by far the best cream I’ve tried, I seen results in 30 days, I’m in love with it and have told alot of ppl I know about this product !! A must buy!!

  40. Jamerial Matthews

    I love this product hands down!!

  41. Britt R

    I love this cream. Noticed a major difference in my bottom, more rounder and a lot fulller. Definitely would recommend

  42. Barbie

    Must have. Definitely works.

  43. Andrea

    Worked as well as any other of their products. They have amazing products at such reasonable prices.

  44. Bernie

    This product really works. After a few days I saw results and your skin feel very soft. I will definitely continue to purchase this product.

  45. John

    I bought this product on amazon because I thought it would work and to my surprise, it did. I am very pleased with my results and I’m eager to buy more

  46. CV

    I’ve used the Luxury butt enhancement cream and is amazing, skin is more smooth and firm. That it created a butt enhancement not too certain.

  47. Sherry

    First time trying and very satisfied. Product isn’t heavy and smells good. Plus makes your skin do smooth. Would recommend anytime.

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