Hot Cream, 4 Oz

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$49.99 (as of May 1, 2017, 5:05 pm) & FREE Shipping. Details $14.95

Cellulite Treatment
Belly Fat Burner
Natural Anti Aging
Essential Oils Rosemary & Lavender
Deep Tissue Massage & Muscle Relaxer


117 reviews for Hot Cream, 4 Oz

  1. Ja’Corion

    This product is amazing and it works. it feels amazing on the skin

  2. Meia Stockdale

    Ordered this product with the feeling girl waist band so far so good I love the tingling sensation I am a Avid user of essential oils and I love the benefits of all the oils contained in this product. The tingling sensation & awakening smell is a wonderful feeling for starting my workout

  3. Leysly Roldan

    Love this product……..

  4. Amanda Forrest

    Good product. Only used a couple of times but seamed to help tighten my skin on belly. Just has a strong smell

  5. Moniqua McCune

    This product has worked great for me. I love this brand. I will continue using this.

  6. Kensley Beaucejour

    Amazing products, I love the results

  7. Melisa

    Stuff is amazing

  8. Melisa

    Stuff works really well

  9. Melisa

    Works very well

  10. Ruby

    Great product very effective, I use it everyday

  11. Deborah

    Im just now trying it if i get the free stuff they say i get

  12. Deborah

    Im just now trying it if i get the free stuff they say i get not got it yet

  13. Denise

    I love this product…i use it for my pain feet hand shoulders..etc…it has a nice warm feeling and it drys quick

  14. Would love to try this product

    Would love to try this product

  15. becky blais

    Would love to try this product

  16. Sandra Stone

    This product is beautiful. Makes the skin soft and you can feel it working

  17. Daqn White

    This is great product that has helped in toning my skin and great moisturizing product. Will be ordering again

  18. Dawn White

    Great product. Tones skin and provides great moisturizing also . Will be ordering again

  19. Dawn White

    Great product loved the ultra moisturizing and toned my skin. Will be ordering again

  20. Wendy I

    I lost 1 or 2 inches on my thighs, it works if you do it with special pants I got I walk 15 minutes and then wait and then take it off after 20 minutes. I love how my skins feels now

  21. Hilda

    This hot cram works. It works better with the roll plastic wrap. Use globes do exercise and eat healthy for wonderful results.

  22. Sean Donoghue

    Helped to tighten and add definition to my stomach

  23. Mariella

    It was a great product, enhances my cardio and work out!

  24. Stacy

    I purchased and used this cream after a surgery I had to do both minimize my scar and tighen the skin around it which was located on my belly. I really LOVE this cream, it helped with both. Plus, I experienced added benefits when I used it under my waist trainer, a crazy tingling and serious, serious sweating helping me to release toxins during my workouts.

  25. Artionette Johnsom

    I really like the results using hot cream I hope it continue to work

  26. Artionette Johnsom

    I really like the results using hot cream I hope it continue to work

  27. Artie Davis

    Great product!!

  28. Artie Davis Johnson

    Great product!!

  29. Drea

    This is okay!, love natural products!

  30. Drea

    This is okay!, I love natural products!

  31. Billie

    This product is a must have. So far I have lost 4 inches on my waist. I rub this product before workout and sometimes to work. I love this it.

  32. nidesha

    I love this product. I lost a total of 15 lbs while working out with this on. It is worth the buy.

  33. kellyruiz

    i havent even try it yet its freeproduct

  34. Barbara U.

    Shampoo for oily hair worked really good on my teen daughters oily hair. This has been the first product we have found that works.

  35. Marie Thorpe

    I love this product It really helps me melt away fat

  36. Tess

    This product is amazing and does what it supposed to do .

  37. maggie

    I rubbed this on my belly, did a 20 mins work out and I was sweating.. works!

  38. Keva

    This product is absolutely amazing!!!! I apply the cream to my abdomen and wrap it with seran wrap before I workout. The cream works wonders and I recommend it to everyone!!

  39. Monica Cicle

    I love this stuff, it smells and feels amazing!! I noticed my skin was much firmer feeling after each use and really helped relieve sore muscles!!

  40. Monica Cicle

    Love so much!! It works like it says and there was a big difference in the appearance of my skin after use. Will definitely repurchase!

  41. PEH

    This is a great product I enjoy using it, purchased this several times and will continue.

  42. Hope Perry


    This was the first time I used the product. I enjoyed using it over the other
    ones zI’ve tried.

  44. Erica Rivera

    Works as soon as you apply it. Be careful, the more you use, the hotter it gets.

  45. Erica Rivera Malone

    It helped decrease my stomach fat and also my stretch marks from my recent pregnancy were noticeably lighter and improved. I think it’s an extra benefit to this skin. It’s a must have!! 😍

  46. Carla

    I like this product because it gives me great results and it helps with my cellulite.

  47. egriff

    This gel is super! Honestly; this gel keeps working for up to 5 hours. It makes you sweat or the area you are applying it to.
    It is great for workouts or around the house cleaning or in motion. I would and will definitely continues to use this product!

  48. Angela

    This cream is amazing! I have noticed a difference since I started using it. Highly recommend!

  49. Chris jamerson

    Excellent cream I really love the product you all should try it

  50. Chrissy j

    This cream is really good would recommend

  51. Chasity Colon

    Sounds like an awesome product I can’t wait to try it

  52. Mukhlisa Yusupova

    The EcoHot product is very good. My stretch marks gone. I will recommend to everybody.

  53. Ebony A Nettles

    This cream is great its my fav

  54. Rebecca Eberhart

    Love this product! I use for skin health to help with fat loss and joint pain

  55. Teresa

    Works like magic I spend a lot of money in expense cream, I found the magic one thank you5 so much,

  56. Jessica Prescott

    Loved this product. It wasn’t as an extreme hot like other creams can be. Just enough to help work up a sweat. I noticed my skin became a lot smoother and firmer in just a couple of weeks. Not a horrible smell either. Love that it is echo friendly.

  57. Stephanie Gamboa

    Absolutely love this product & recommed it.

  58. Shanique Covington

    Great product for waist training during workouts and around the home activities!

  59. Shanique Covington

    Great product! I use it during workouts and daily activities around the house!

  60. Shanique Covington

    Great product to use during workouts and around the home daily activities!

  61. Shanique Covington

    Great product to use during workouts!!

  62. Shaniquecov

    Great product to use during workouts and around the home!

  63. C Funk

    So far so good, I love the tingling sensation on my skin and I sweat like like crazy where I apply it with my waist trainer. I can see and feel the inches melting from my waist

  64. Andrea

    This product is amazing

  65. Aleja Bennett

    Just received today my belly is big hope diet and this helps

  66. anh nguyen

    This is very good product. My skin look awesome

  67. Carley

    I was skeptic about this product at first, but this will make you sweat where ever you apply it! Yes it smells like icy hot, that is the down fall of this product.

  68. Tiffany

    This product is amazing

  69. Tameka Nolton

    Amazing results since I’ve started only 3 weeks ago. Skin feels alot smoother and tighter.

  70. Tameka Nolton

    Amazing results since I started using product 3 weeks ago. Skin is definitely smoother and tighter.

  71. anh nguyen

    This is very good product. I love it. Make my skin smoother

  72. anh nguyen

    It make my skin smoother. Awesome

  73. Jacquelin Lopez

    Great product. I used it for a month and dropped down 6 inches from my abdomen. I will order my second one.

  74. Madahi larranaga

    Me encanta!!! Y funciona muy bien!

  75. Madahi Larranaga

    Me encanta !!! Y funciona muy bien!! El hot cream es de lo mejor!!

  76. Shauntele

    I used the product with my body trainer, I absolutely love honeydew hot cream as well as my results from you using this product

  77. Shauntele

    I used the product with my body trainer, I absolutely love honeydew hot cream as well as my results from using this product.

  78. Elivane paneto

    This product is amazing 😍
    Works for me

  79. Elivane paneto

    This product is amazing 😍
    Works for me thanks

  80. Elivane paneto

    I love this product it’s very good and works for me thanks

  81. anh nguyen

    Great product, i love it

  82. Volha Shults

    Great product ! Will buy again .

  83. Ashley Coffey

    I LOVE the tea tree peppermint shampoo! It smells amazing and it helped so much with my dry scalp. I also use it on my second grader all the time because I worry about lice in school and lice hate tea tree. I would recommend this product to anyone! Give it a try you won’t be disappointed! 🙂

  84. Mary

    Muy buen producto, desde que lo aplicas sientes el calor..

  85. Sherry Grady

    I love it. Worked great for me.

  86. Adriana Lopez

    I have been loosing weight and HOT CREAM it’s helping me to tighten my belly. I love this product..

  87. Jay Asher

    So far so good. I would recommend this shampoo for regular use. I don’t have an itchy scalp anymore.

  88. Sherry

    I loved it. It worked great

  89. Sherry Grady

    I tried the hot cream. Felt great on my skin

  90. Shennary Nurse

    This product is amazing. The best. I saw less stretch marks after only my 1st jar. I also lost inches while using with a waist trainer.

  91. Sherry Grady

    it worked great for me. my skin feels great

  92. Domenica Quezada

    I love this product,I started using it in June 2018,I work out 5 days a week(about 3 miles),this cream makes my belly sweat, I’ve lost about 6 inches,might not sound like alot but it’s made a bif difference on how my clothes fit.

  93. Erios

    Works very good really feel hot and if put on waist training better

  94. Elizabeth

    I love the messaging oil I bought it from you I will recommend it to everybody it’s very easy to apply have a great smile and I just I love it

  95. Anthony

    I am extremely pleased with the Biotin Shampoo! It leaves my hair feeling nourished and fuller!I would absolutely recommend this product.

  96. Charity

    This product does as it says. Gets very hot and does a good job at making me sweat! I used it along with wraps and I poured sweat in result. I liked the softening effects afterwards.

  97. Barbara W

    I love using this product with the waist trainer I recently brought.It feels like my skin is burning while exercising. Its really an amazing cream and I also have the butt enhancement cream which works wonders on toning the shape of my bottom. I recommend this product to everyone.

  98. Jasmine

    This cream is AMAZING I love the smell and the feel of it on my skin.
    My husband has even made me use it on him several times for the soothing warming feeling of the cream as a massage lotion.
    I will definitely purchase again!

  99. Maria

    I love this product

  100. Maria

    I love this product and it works

  101. Shennary Nurse

    This product is amazing. It really works.

  102. Shennary Nurse

    This product is amazing it really works.


    This product is simply amazing and really works.

  104. Latasha Garcia

    I really love this cream you can feel the burn when you put it on.

  105. Marian

    Love this product, It really work.

  106. Shennary Nurse

    This product is amazing and it works very well. I saw results after 1 jar.

  107. Latasha Garcia

    I really loved this cream. It did not smell bad and i felt the burn.

  108. Brittany Benjamin

    My Clients at Bella Embellishments love this product!

  109. Selena Brownlee

    I love this product, and highly suggest it if you need help sweating like I do. I will definitely be ordering it again!!!!

  110. Angie Newsom

    Great products!!!!! Will definitely buy again.

  111. Tracy Jones

    This product is amazing u really can see the results when used as instructed. You wouldn’t be disappointed

  112. Shevonne Rivers

    1st time buying a product like this! And its amazing! Speeds up the fat loss process and helps tones! Hot but felt a change after my workout! Love it

  113. Desiree Bejarano

    It’s AMAZING you can feel it working

  114. Abby Regia

    I love this HOTSTUFF. I use it while working out on my abdomen, it helps me to sweat a lot more.

  115. Alesha Blacketer

    I really enjoy the affects of this product and use it when I really want to maximize my workouts for core work. Highly recommended!!

  116. Monyca Deutsch

    This cream is amazing! I felt pounds shed as I was doing my daily routine. I recommend this product to everyone.

  117. Isabel Curiel

    Excellent Hot Cream it makes me sweat a lot. It feels light on skin and it is not greasy. I love it!

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