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70 reviews for Scar Cream, 4 Oz

  1. Tiffany Perkins

    The Best Scar Cream Ever!
    I started using this scar cream last year on a deep scar I received across my nose and on my chest where I had burned myself. I was completely darker than my original skin color. I would apply the cream once in the morning after my shower and before I pit on lotions or oils to my body and at might fresh out of the shower. I started noticing a change in the discoloration that was so prominent before. I saw that it was beginning to fade. I got excited but knew I needed to see more. I purchased 2 jars an by the middle of the second jar the scar was barely noticeable. I gave the last of the second jar to a cousin with a scar on her forehead that was a few months old and not going away.In three 3 she saw a noticeable difference. This is true to its name.It helps with old and new scarring you must try it and for its price it is very reasonable product to purchase. I would recommend this product to any one looking to fade and repair scared skin.

  2. Harold johnson

    Had weight lost surgery used scar cream for about 1 month. I see the changes already. Great product, about to buy another one.

  3. Vanessa

    I really love this cream! It makes my skin feel softer and more natural.

  4. Vanessa Salazar

    I’ve seen a difference in my scars, they feel smoother!

  5. Skyenne Mach

    Used this for strech marks and the scar cream made them a lot less noticeable!! I put on every day after the shower and the dark marks went away by the time I finished the cream.

  6. Meghan Murphy

    Love this cream! I have acne marks on the side of my face while I have been very self conscious about for years. I started noticing a difference in the appearance of the scars after just two weeks. I use it in the morning and right before bed and it leaves my face feeling clean and moisturised! Great price too!

  7. Mariah Dadlez

    I absolutely love this stuff! I had really bad acne scars, and very sensitive skin. This stuff works extremely well.

  8. Sudipta Majumdar

    have bought this product from Amazon. Attached is the receipt of the same. It is a great product as my wife applies the cream over the scars on her face. In 10 days we have seen great effect. The scars which were there for the last 6 months starting fading. We are expecting that the face will become completely clean within the next few months.

    Thanks for making such an wonderful cream! Great work!

  9. Brenda S Tuttle

    this scar cream has greatly helped my total knee scar. I am also using it on other very dry areas on my face

  10. Denise

    Love the stuff …best work on my sore skin ..i alway make sure i keep in stock…im lost without it been tellin my friends

  11. Ashley Worrall

    Great to find a cream with all the recommended ingredients for scar healing. Nice and light, non-irritating and no smell which is great. Rubs in pretty well. Use once daily and my scar definitely looks less noticeable after two months of use.

  12. Hilda Padilla

    This is a great product. Its has nice light smell. Helps with my scars

  13. Sandra Kaminsky

    Very nice cream. It has helped some scars on my arms> I found it to be more effective than the
    well-known gel for scars.

  14. Sarah Johnson

    I started using this cream a week ago. It is wonderful, my skin is so soft. And the scars are softer also. I have noticed that the redness has lightened in just a week. I will be using this cream twice everyday. Love it…thanks

  15. Shaonna

    I really like this cream alot! Started using it a few months ago and it really does work. I recommend this to anyone trying to get rid of scars.

  16. Ronald S Kalman

    Excellent product It is working. Scars left on lower legs from dog jumping and scratching are lightening up. I can wears shorts without a worry as to how my legs look now.

  17. Regis Bartello

    My wife is a chef and while taking a baking sheet out of the top oven, it touched her cheek, leaving a red scar about 1 1/2″ long. It darkened after a week or so, and we talked about having cosmetic surgery because she doesn’t wear make-up. As a “let’s see what happens” move, I bought her a jar of Scar Cream. After a couple of weeks of daily use, the color was obviously lightening. Now, after 3 months of daily use, the scar is gone. Completely! Like it never happened. This stuff is magic.

  18. Joua Mua

    This product works great! I often burn myself from curling my hair with the curling wand. I had all these ugly scars on my hand. This scar cream reduced the scar in 3 weeks!! I am very satisfied with this product!

  19. Carolina

    I love this cream! I’ve seen difference in my kid’s scar. He is using it every day at night and the scar is getting lighter. Thank you!

  20. Courtney Scully

    Amazon product! Really works wonders 🙂

  21. Zippy A.

    I bought this cream on Amazon and after three weeks of daily use, I started seeing improvement on my acne scars. The scars have faded from very dark to light brown. I will continue using it and hope that the scars will fade away completely.

  22. JEWEL

    I bought the scar cream and it is a wonderful product. I had surgery on my wrist and the scar was quite elevated and very red. I used the scar cream several times A-day gently massaging it on my wrist and now the scar is flat and the redness is gone and it has only been 6 weeks since surgery. One can barely see the marks. I also started using it on my face and a wrinkle on my forehead disappeared. I would highly recommend this product.

  23. Nikki Robbins

    The Best Scarcream on market stretch marks are GONE

  24. Morgan Perez

    This products is amazing a little goes along way . I have scar and it’s almost fading away .:) I just need another jar to help finish the work . This product leaves my skin extremely smooth after once use I love it ! Can’t wait for my next one

  25. Anne

    I used this cream after my knee replacement and I’m pleased with how quickly the scar has healed and lightened. I also have skin allergies to most creams and lotions and I had no problem using this product.

  26. Courtney Murphy

    this cream works great and is non scented which is nice so i can use it on my face.

  27. monika

    great product,helps with my scars after neck surgery.After couple weeks of using that cream my scar get much lighter.

  28. Mckenzie McPolin

    I absolutley love this scar cream! It works so well and has almost removed all strech marks and reduced redness emensley.
    I would recommend this product to anyone!

  29. Kerri Morris

    This is an effective product that is light and doesn’t make my skin greasy (since most of my scars are on my face). I notice my scares fading!

  30. Adrian Noll

    This cream is amazin! My skin feels so much better, smoother and much more even skin tone. The scars from acne are also fading. would definitely recommend!

  31. Bill Smith

    Used this cream on my scar after knee replacement. My scar now is hardly noticeable! My PT was impressed by how quickly my scar healed and has recommended to others! Even the doctor commented on how my scar looked! A great product and we tell all our friends dealing with surgical scars about it!

  32. Carol L. Wade

    My husband purchased this scar cream for me to use after surgery on my leg. After using it for several weeks all of the stitch scars were faded. I am almost thru my first jar, and all seven of the large/nasty incisions are begining to soften and fade. This cream will help disolve those hard/thick scar tissues also. My surgeon is happy with how my incisions look, told me to keep doing what I’m doing. I have very sensitive skin and most creams give me rashes, this scar cream is abolutely wonderful, no rashes here. I like that it is all natural and without perfumes. Just follow the instruction on how to apply and you will recieve great results. I have already recommended this cream to others and will do so in the future. Thank you for making such a great and effective product. This stuff works folks!!

  33. Barbara

    I had knee replacement surgery and have been using this product for several weeks. It works great – scar is less visible every week.
    I give it 5 stars.

  34. Biraj Joshi

    This cream really does work.

  35. Biraj Joshi

    This stuff is real good.Great price too!

  36. Biraj Joshi

    This cream does work!!!

  37. Shannon

    The best for small discolored or raised scars! I even have my friends using it!

  38. Maurice Bloom

    This scar cream is work great.I love it and will buys it again!!! Thank you!!!

  39. Lucy Brownlie

    Love this product. Leaves skin soft, supple and have noticed a change in scar.

  40. Claritza Perez

    Very good great on my skin.

  41. Claritza Perez

    Very good product

  42. Bilal Ahmed

    Used this for strech marks and the scar cream made them a lot less noticeable!! I put on every day after the shower and the dark marks went away by the time I finished the cream.

  43. Kianna

    I liked the cream but my scar did not show a difference. I would probably have to use longer. My scar was from breast surgery.

  44. Viktoria Zy.

    Amazing cream! I’ve been using it for a month on my face for acne scars and I alreday see a difference in the discoloration I used to have. I also use it as my daily moisturizer for my face because it makes my skill free super soft.

  45. Viktoria Zy

    Love this cream! I have been using it for about a month on my facial acne scars and I already see a difference compared to the discoloration I used to have before. It also replaces my daily moisturizer for my face because it makes my skin feel so soft.

  46. Mary E Leibold

    I had a large injury on my thigh taking out part of my muscle leaving a 8″ by 5″ scar. The cream has reduced the visibility of it and the raised bumps of it. Great product, great ingredients.

  47. Harshal P

    I have been using this product for a month … I have acne scars & this product lightened and faded my scars! Highly recommend

  48. Alex

    Substantially reduced the amount of scarring I had, 5/5!

  49. Chely Gonzalez

    I noticed a big difference in the darkness of my scar. It got lighter and lighter. I am pleased with this product.

  50. Jackie

    I’ve using this cream for a few months. It works as a skin softener and is moisturizing but not greasy. I do see the difference in the caring for dryness and lessening the prominence of acne scars. I use it as my go to facial moisturizer.

  51. Terry Severns

    I use this for a scar on my cheek. It is easy to apply and has no odor. My scar is still noticeable, but is improving.

  52. Maria

    great on scars ! I highly recommend it!

  53. Emily Zona

    Having been using this product for three months twice a day after skin cancer surgery on my forehead. Have seen excellent results in the lightening of the scar. Would highly recommend this product.

  54. Shareese Webster

    I purchased my scar cream from Amazon!! I’m pleased with the formula. I had a salicylic acid burn on my forehead and I’m starting to see the difference! I know with consistent use it will be completely faded in no time

  55. Matthew

    I use it as a moisturizer and it works great! Absorption is very quick too and doesn’t feel thick and nasty like many others. My skin stays pretty clear as well from using it twice a day and the container lasts your face several months. Well worth the money!

  56. Ashley M.

    This is an amazing scar cream! I read the reviews before purchasing it and new that I needed to get it. Since I have been using it, my acne scars are much less apparent and my skin has never been more vibrant! I would recommend it to anyone since it has no side- effects and only seems to benefit your skin.

  57. Matthew Flemion

    Absorption is very quick too and doesn’t feel thick and nasty like many others. My skin stays pretty clear as well from using it twice a day and the container lasts your face several months. Well worth the money!

  58. Matthew Flemion

    Absorption is very quick too and doesn’t feel thick and nasty like many others. My skin stays pretty clear as well from using it twice a day and the container lasts your face several months. Well worth the money!

  59. Maria Cassabaum

    I have been using about a month and a half and it has faded. I have acne scars on my face, they are getting better, it does seem like I will have to use for awhile before its lighter. The texture is so smooth and not to think, it has no smells which is nice. It leaves no greasy feeling. I would keep buying this product.

  60. Juliette McCullum

    I have been using the cream for over 2 months now. My scars have definitely improved since my surgery. I ran across this cream on Amazon and I am glad I chose this cream.

  61. Juliette McCullum

    I found this cream on Amazon. I started using the cream over 2 months ago. Since using this cream my scars have definitely improved. Will definitely be placing a a reorder.

  62. Rose

    Great product. My face is much brighter.

  63. Brianna Borowski

    Best scar cream I’ve ever used and it is super hydrating as well.

  64. Ashley Slivinske

    Helped a lot with scars caused by acne

  65. Courtney

    I started using this product after I was in a messy car accident. I was looking for a cream to help with the scars left from stitches and road rash on my face. So far I have seen improvements, but nothing too dramatic. I will continue to use this product because the coloring of my face is returning to normal. Overtime I hope to see more improvements in the scars fading.

  66. A. Joe

    I had hoped this cream did more to take away my surgery scars. But after two months of use, I have noticed about a 45% improvement in the coloration of the scars, so I think this product is worth buying and using, but it does not make any scar completely disappear.

  67. Dramane Coulibaly

    I see a difference in my scar they feel smoother!

  68. Dramane Coulibaly

    It did not take long to help remove my scars

  69. Acadia Silveira Santos

    I didn’t buy this product only for scar fading, but also to moisturize, seal in serums, and prevent aging/wrinkle formation, in the hopes that it would accomplish those without irritating my skin. I bought this cream because it had good reviews, it was affordable (especially for such a large quantity – 4 oz.), and it contained skin-safe ingredients. I’ve been happy with its work: it doesn’t cause pimples, it smells nice, I can use it to heal after chemical peels without damaging my skin, it absorbs well, once again – it’s cheap!, and it goes on over oils and serums without “pilling”. Plus, my mom tried some – I gave her a bit because she has super sensitive skin and allergies to a few common cosmetic ingredients – and she loves it! She actually bought some herself! I can’t say whether it’s worked on my scars because I use so many anti-scar products (hence the 4 stars, though by no fault of this product), but it is a great overall face cream!

  70. Martha

    My daughter was attacked by a cat. She had deep puncture wounds as well as long, deep scratches. The potential for infection was so serious a concern that doctors left the deep open wounds to close from the inside out, even though many noticeable scarring was a certainty. I purchased this product for her, and she has Loved the improvement in the tissue over those wounds. The results are better than we hoped.

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