Lavender Love Edible Massage Oil, 8 Oz

(8 customer reviews)

$30.00 (as of April 30, 2017, 9:25 am) & FREE Shipping. Details $8.95

8 reviews for Lavender Love Edible Massage Oil, 8 Oz

  1. Jacque Cooper

    I’ve never used it yet

  2. BusyBee

    Great product!! Smells heavenly…

  3. Jennifer

    My partner loves lavender, he absolutely can’t get enough of this oil. Excellent product.

  4. William

    Loved this product worth every penny.

  5. Matthew

    Excellent massage oil. Smells wonderfully of lavender but has nearly no taste at all. It tastes very mildly of almonds (from the almond oil).

    Would definitely recommend.

  6. Trebor Nunderwier

    Although I like this product as well as the Mango, I am concerned that they say EDIBLE all over the place they also have a warning that they are EXTERNAL USE ONLY are you supposed to stop and wash your hands and wipe down before things get more intimate? . Since this is a NATURAL product I find it interesting that there is no expiration date that I can find or how long this product is good after opening.

    I have emailed and called the company but as of now 4 days no response.

  7. Mahnaz Smith

    I’m excited and look forward to try your products. can

  8. Patricia Williams

    This all natural massage oil is extraordinary and smells heavenly. Its also great for those intimate nights in front of the fireplace.

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