Vanilla Cream Edible Massage Oils, 8 Oz

(13 customer reviews)

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13 reviews for Vanilla Cream Edible Massage Oils, 8 Oz

  1. Mimi

    Smells and tastes great.Great buy.

  2. Tonia Hatchel

    I love this product . one of the best I’ve used.

  3. Icsida Szabo

    Excellent product I recommend 100 after trying this you will not want to use another.

  4. Brandy

    I love this massage oil. I love the smell of this oil as a Massage Therapist..I especially like it for clients with really dry skin. As a wife this oil taste great, feels great, and is just amazing in general. Highly recommend.

  5. Rosneko Mahon

    This is a nice product. It moisturizes and works well for massages. I just wish it had more of a vanilla scent. It’s barely noticeable.

  6. John

    Great product. Sent is nice but not overpowering, not oily. Will definitely get more.

  7. Don

    Sensual and subtle, not overpowering and oily. My favorite!

  8. Amy Clark

    Best stuff I have found. Smells incredible and tastes great. Buying more soon!

  9. Lea Petty

    Feels good, smells good, tastes good!

  10. Timothy

    I am a very physical person and love touch. This is a great product that smells wonderful and edible, allowing us to have fun while pampering eachother

  11. Michael

    My wife and I tried the Vanilla Cream edible massage Oil and we enjoyed it very much! The sent is lovely. It’s quite nice but not overpowering. We both, however,
    found that the oil didn’t spread as well as their Almond lavender Jojoba oil. Both oils are lovely, but we prefer the Almond Lavender. We’re very excited to try more of their products in the future!

  12. Lea Petty

    5/5 Would TOTALLY Recommend! Feels good, tastes good, all around a great massage product.

  13. Alison

    We really like the scent and feel of this oil. My husband says it tastes like cupcakes, and we are excited to try other flavors or scents in the future!

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