Very Vanilla Edible Massage Oil, 8 Oz

(25 customer reviews)

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25 reviews for Very Vanilla Edible Massage Oil, 8 Oz

  1. Mackenzie Person

    Absolutely love this product. Works great and has a great smell. 10/10 recommend.

  2. Sheela Campbell

    The Very Vanilla Edible Massage oil was perfect for a evening of fun. The oil is lighter usual massage oils but very tasty. My husband loved it. We will definately order again.

  3. Corina shaw

    Great product. Safe enough that I let my daughter’s use this product and will definitely purchase again!

  4. Lucrecia

    I used this on my husband and had some relaxing music to go along with it and it was GREAT!! I love how it’s so easy to warm in your hands by simply rubbing your hands together. We both loved this product and will purchase again!

  5. Calvin Foster

    A very good oil!

  6. Nigel James

    My girlfriend an I have been using your Very Vanilla Oil for the last 2 months and now we can’t live without it. It’s fantastic!! 5 Stars

  7. Lynette Young

    I love this oroduct. It’s not greasy at all. The fragrance is really nice. Makes my skin feel so soft. Will definitely purchase again.

  8. Carolina Boord

    Great product. I love it!

  9. Carolina Boord

    Great product. I love it

  10. lindsey

    good product. smells good works good. I will get this again.

  11. Roger Lounsbury

    I found this product very good when giving a massage. it smells good and has staying power, It washes off easily when you want to clean it off.

  12. Jo Ellen

    My husband and I are 64 and really enjoy this product. It adds a lot of pleasure to our intimate times. It smells great, tastes great and has a light feel. We use it all over and I do mean all over. It really adds to our frequent lovemaking!

  13. Jo Ellen Brewster

    Omg! This stuff is one of the best products on the market! The scent is absolutely intoxicating! You won’t be sorry if you order this product

  14. Lilia Surdu

    I love the smell and the consistency of the oil, feels very light and leaves skin soft and non sticky, a plus is that it absorbs in the skin and doesn’t leave stains on clothes or bed sheets.

  15. Icsida Szabo

    Excellent product I recommend 100%… After trying this you will not want to use another. product…Definitely purchase again!!!

  16. Icsida Szabo

    Excellent product I recommend 100%… After trying this you will not want to use another one.

  17. Tee v

    Smells amazing and feels amazing !

  18. Tee Vee

    Feels amazing and smells amazing!

  19. Kristine Segovia

    The aroma is awesome and it makes the skin silky smooth!

  20. Oxana

    Absolutely natural ingredients and smells amazing!!! This is exactly what I always tried to find! Makes my skin soft, smooth and silky! I love it!!!

  21. Kari Jean

    Best skin product ever !

  22. Kimberly McMillan

    Nice. Smells so good. Creamy not greasy. No aftertaste.

  23. JP

    Great product. Delicious natural smell and not greasy on the skin. Very satisfied

  24. Jim

    This smells good and doesn’t have a noticeable taste. Highly recommended.

  25. Jim P

    This Smells good and doesn’t have a taste. I like the way it feels.

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