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At A Glance

Is your hair looking a little thin? Give it a thicker, more voluminous look with the best biotin shampoo at Honeydew - enjoy the nourishing formula without the use of any parabens or sulfates!

What It Is

Our biotin shampoo hydrates hair from root to tip, for men and women alike. This shampoo works great on its own, and works even better in conjunction with our other biotin hair products. 

What’s Inside

Honeydew biotin shampoo is a DHT shampoo that harnesses the power of vitamin B7 alongside other hair-essential ingredients, for your best looking hair ever. 


  • Best biotin shampoo - Great care hair starts at the roots. Use in conjunction with our other biotin hair products for women and men for best results.
  • Nourish & cleanse - This shampoo cleans and nourishes hair from root to tip.
  • Everyone can enjoy our biotin hair shampoo - Our shampoo for women and men is safe for everyday use, and can be enjoyed by all hair types. 
  • Includes natural derived ingredients - Gentle and effective care.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1168 reviews
Great shampoo!

I love this product! I moved to a new city that is particularly dry and my scalp and hair became immediately unhealthy and dry with dandruff. I tried Biotin shampoo and after a few uses, my hair was feeling healthy and my dandruff had gone away. I love the scent and feel of this product--it is light and smells good!

Love this product

It took about 3 months before I noticed a difference. No my hair is no longer breaking off and it looks so much healthier

Shweta Shinde
Really good

The product is really good,was having lots problems like oil hair and this is really helping out.

Good stuff

Been using for about 6 months and I can tell a difference!

Islam Esmail
Best shampoo for thinning hair

Im a 30 year old female who has been experiencing front thinning hair for the past 3 years.I have very oily hair . I have tried many shampoos along with taking daily vitamins for hair loss and homemade oils and hair masks I really never noticed any difference untill i started using honeydew products along with everything else vitamins etc.. first off the ingredients are amazing rosemary oil zinc oxide help stimulate hair growth. I also notice I can go longer between washes and lets not forget how affordable its is im on my 5th bottle and this time I ordered honeydew folimax biotin and love it!

Biotin Shampoo
1795 2500

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