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Sex toys are sensual, stimulating, and satisfying, but due to their sensitive nature, these toys also require regular maintenance. Our toy cleaner helps keep playtime safe and healthy before, during, and after.

What It Is

Our adult toy cleaner is a water-based disinfectant spray, safe for use on silicone toys, rubber toys, and latex toys. The best sex toy cleaner is one that you can use on different types of surfaces, and which provides consistent and effective results.

What’s Inside

Free of parabens, alcohols, and fragrances, this anti-bacterial disinfectant cleaning spray is non-toxic and cruelty-free. All kinds of toys can be cleaned with this spray, and because of its overall gentle formula, it can also be useful in cleaning baby toys. Spray and wipe down.


  • Safe disinfectant - Cleaning your toys with the proper tools is paramount, and our disinfectant is here to help.
  • Silicone toys - Our water-based cleaner is recommended for rubber and latex toys that can be cleaned with this spray. 
  • Gentle cleaner - Keeping your toys free of bacteria and other potentially harmful organisms is of the utmost importance due to the sensitive nature of the toys, but not at the cost of your skin! Our gentle yet effective formula cleans and disinfects without harsh chemicals.
Disinfectant Toy Cleaner
1195 1695

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