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Have you tried everything to reverse your hair loss woes? Don’t give up just yet! We’ve got the best biotin shampoo for hair growth with this extra strength biotin shampoo. Our biotin hair loss shampoo is one of the top fast hair growth products! 

What It Is

Our hair loss shampoo for men and women works as an alopecia shampoo to combat hair loss and reverse the signs of thinning locks. The hair growth shampoo works alongside our other biotin hair products or as a stand-alone shampoo for balding. 

What’s Inside

Our formula is carefully designed to create a shampoo to make hair grow due to DHT blocking ingredients that nourish the scalp and hair. If you’re looking for a DHT shampoo you’ve come to the right palace. Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, clarifies your tresses and allows essential nutrients to reach your scalp for optimal results. Thanks to the hair-healthy ingredients, we’re proud to deliver the best shampoo for dry scalp and hair loss! 


  • Honeydew biotin shampoo - Touted as the best shampoo to prevent hair loss, our extra strength biotin shampoo helps your hair grow thick and strong. 
  • Infused with biotin - Our biotin boost shampoo encourages healthy hair growth from root to tip. 
  • Hair growth shampoo for women and men - Our biotin hair shampoo contains a gentle yet effective formula that is ideal for all hair types, including a sensitive scalp.

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Extra Strength Biotin Shampoo
1895 2395

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