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Ready for a pick-me-up for your tresses? Thin hair can be distressing and finding the perfect shampoo can be difficult, but our folimax shampoo just made it simple! 

What It Is

Salvaging a bad hair day is one of the many things we’re good at here at Honeydew, and this shampoo for men and women proves it. Our folimax shampoo works to make your hair look and feel healthier than ever.

What’s Inside

This is the best shampoo for thin hair thanks to the presence of nourishing ingredients such as biotin, coconut oil, and argan oil to name a few. Our formula helps to provide your hair with essential moisture from root to tip, to keep you looking your best.

Scent Name: Sandalwood.


  • Hair shampoo for women and men - Our shampoo is the best shampoo for all hair types, especially those with a dry scalp. 
  • Gentle shampoo - Our shampoo to improve the appearance of volume harnesses the power of gentle ingredients to nourish both scalp and hair. 
  • Best shampoo for thicker looking hair - Our shampoo works around the clock to ensure your hair is looking fuller and stronger.
  • Includes natural derived ingredients - Gentle and effective care.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1299 reviews
Great product

This product works! It’s great for my thinning hair. Leaves hair feeling soft and healthy.

Less fall out of my hair with Folimax

I had been losing a lot of hair down the drain or in my hairbrush every day. I was hesitant but gave this shampoo a try after trying others. I am so glad that I did!! I t didn't happen overnight, but I used the whole bottle and after a couple of weeks I noticed a drastic difference. There was only a couple of strands of hairs that were coming out of my head instead of a brushful. I no longer had clumps of hair in my drain and definitely have more on my head now. Thank you for this product.

Ana Alvarez

It is the best, it gave my hair such an amazing volume and made my hair actually grow so much faster then it normally does. Makes my hair soft too and smell very nicely.

Raisa De la cruz
FoliaMax really works

This is fantastic, it really works, I have seen great improvement on my edges and thickness of my hair 🥰

Raisa De la cruz
Really works …

This is fabulous, it definitely works I have noticed great improvement in my edges and the thickness of my hair 🥰

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