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There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to eliminating lumps and bumps on the skin, but our hot cream might be the place to start! Replenish your skin and reshape your body with our hot cream! The fat burning lotion helps to give your complexion a natural boost for softer and smoother skin. 

What It Is

Eliminate cellulite on stomach, legs, and arms with the best fat burning cream. Our weight loss cream nourishes your skin with the best vitamins for weight loss thanks to collagen-promoting ingredients. Enjoy toned, hydrated, and most importantly, silky-smooth skin! 

What’s Inside

Harnessing the power of essential herbs for weight loss, our sweat cream includes menthol crystals, ginger lily, and white camphor essential oil. These botanical extracts work to create the best cellulite cream that doubles as a muscle relaxant cream, leaving your skin smooth and toned without the need for expensive treatments. Use as a deep tissue massage cream or a daily toning cream to help your skin regenerate the natural way. 


  • Hot cream cellulite treatment - Eliminate unsightly lumps and uneven skin texture with our sweat cream.
  • Naturally encourage weight loss - Fat burning cream for stomach, arms, legs, and any other problem zones. 
  • Gentle formula - Our body and ab cream contains a gentle yet effective formula perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin. 

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Hot Cream For Skin
1495 4999

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