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When it comes to hair, a lice infestation tops the list of no-thank-yous. Put your mind at ease with our lice prevention shampoo that’s perfect for the whole family. There’s no need to put yourself through the process of hair lice removal when we’ve got the best shampoo to prevent lice!

What It Is

Our tea tree and rosemary shampoo is a gentle yet effective head lice infestation prevention shampoo. Lower your odds of nits and adult lice infestations with our preventative tea tree and rosemary lice shampoo. It harnesses the power of rosemary oil for hair alongside the touted cleansing benefits of tea tree oil. 

What’s Inside

A combination of essential oils for lice prevention including tea tree and rosemary essential oils, as well as sage oil and spikenard oil, invigorate and protect your scalp. Our lice prevention shampoo leaves your hair feeling fresh, but most importantly, it ensures that your tresses are clean and protected. 


  • Lice treatment shampoo - Our rosemary and tea tree shampoo for lice prevention helps to cleanse and clarify both scalp and hair. 
  • Powerful essential oils keep hair clean - Our formula includes essential oils such as rosemary and tea tree oil for lice prevention.
  • Tea tree and rosemary lice shampoo for all hair types - Our gentle yet effective formula is perfect for all hair types, including a sensitive scalp. 

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Lice Prevention Shampoo With Tea Tree And Rosemary
1295 1795

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