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At A Glance

You don’t want to choose just any body massage oil for your next massage. You want to choose the best massage oil out there! And what makes for the best body massage? A sensual massage oil featuring special essential oils for truly blissful massage.

What It Is

Luxury massage oils add a whole new layer to enjoying a sensual experience with essential oils, and our vanilla scented oil is no exception. It’s designed as a sexual massage oil that you and your partner can use to unwind and ignite a spark. Nothing says passion like a hot oil massage. Combine this vanilla massage oil with another oil like coconut massage oil for peak pleasure.

What’s Inside

As you probably guessed, this vanilla body and massage oil gets its aroma from the vanilla bean. This body oil is made using vanilla extract and other gentle ingredients to help you be good to yourself. This is all part of what makes it not just a good massage oil, but the best oil for body massages.


  • Vanilla massage oil – Elevate your next sensual massage with our massage oil that doesn’t just feel good, but smells amazing too.
  • Best vanilla extract – With high quality ingredients, this vanilla scented massage oil will not disappoint.
  • Hot oil massage – Help you and your partner unwind after a long, tiring week with a hot oil massage.
  • Includes natural derived ingredients - Gentle and effective care.

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Andy T
Nice fragrance and smooth feeling

Really liked the vanilla scent from this. I tried applying this for a massage and it worked really well. Smooth feeling and nice scent.

Belinda Jean-Noel
Smooth and Nice Oil

I really like Luxury Massage Oil, it’s smooth down my skin. My husband and I enjoy using it to give each other massages. The name suits it.

Kassandranne Richards
Great Value

This massage oil is a little on the runny side, but it makes up for it. The scent is mild but brings on a level of relaxation for everyone. It leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. Highly recommend.

Tara Nichols
Great experience

Was hesitant to try because of the scent; I was in the market for an oil but was hoping to find one that didn't have a scent, but this is mild and not as strong as I thought. It is non irritating to sensitive skin and natural ingredients which were important to me. Absorbs well, but is a little on the thin side when pouring it out of the bottle. Having a pump feature like some massage therapists have might be a good option. I have a massage gun for tight leg muscles (I'm a runner) and this will also work nice for keeping my skin from drying out when I use that.

Great Massage Oil

The oil smells and fees amazing. It ran smoothly through my skins along with absorbing well after the massage. Highly recommended!

Luxury Massage Oil

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