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Our biotin and keratin shampoo is the perfect solution for thicker-looking, fuller-feeling hair. The nourishing formula starts at the scalp and wraps each strand in luxurious moisture to keep tresses looking their best. It is safe and gentle to use this biotin shampoo for men and women alike.

What It Is

Our best biotin shampoo allows you to thoroughly clean and hydrate your hair, and can be used on a daily basis. Biotin is utilized around the world by people who want maximum shine for the strongest looking strands around.

What’s Inside

This biotine shampoo includes pure jojoba, tea tree, and coconut oils. Keratin and biotin vitamin b provide a thorough and moisturizing cleanse.


  • What is biotin good for? - Biotin is part of the vitamin B family, and is important for hair, skin, and nails that look and feel healthy.
  • Biotin benefits - Biotin can help maintain your best skin and hair, as part of a luxurious beauty routine.
  • Biotin shampoo and conditioner - Use this shampoo in conjunction with our biotin conditioner for maximum results.
  • Includes natural derived ingredients - Gentle and effective care.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Thinning hair

My hair is fine and I have a balding strip on the right side on the top of my head. It was always just an empty area. I was hesitant about stating that I saw a difference and kept waiting. It has been about 2 1/2 months. The strip that would shine through when I combed my hair is starting to disappear. I am waiting to see if this is permanent and will it continue to improve. That is the reason for the current 4 stars.

I truly like this!!

This shampoo smells so natural and relaxing. I have thin hair trouble for long time. so far it leaves my hair healthy and strong!
I will continue to use it.

favorite shampoo

so happy i found this! i have naturally thin hair & have seen a noticeable difference in thickness & overall health. just bought my 2nd bottle! it smells amazing too!

Leon Baker
Great Product

My daughter uses this shampoo for 2 consecutive months . w
We already see the improvement .
She got significantly less hair loss and gained more confidence in herself .
We definitely will continue to use the shampoo at least for 4 months longer .
I recommend this product to all people suffering for hair loss .

Javokhir Juraev
Hair loss

I have been having hair loss issues for a long time and have been using the expensive shampoos that are out there. This shampoo kept popping home when searching for hair loss shampoo and I thought for the price it probably wouldn't help. I decided to take a chance and give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised that after the first time I used it I was seeing less hair in my comb and a little more on my head. I can't say my hair is thicker yet but I can say that my part isn't as wide. Would recommend this to anyone who is suffering with hair loss.

Biotin Shampoo for Men and Women
995 1495

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