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At A Glance

Is your skin in need of some seriously intense hydration? Dry and flaky skin can be unsightly and itchy! Nourish your skin with our coconut body butter lotion aka the best body butter for your parched skin!

What It Is

Our delectable body butter cream replenishes and nourishes your skin from head to toe. There’s something to be said for the refreshing scent and feel of a quality coconut oil moisturizer, and our moisturizing body butter proves it! Treat your skin to luxurious moisture with the best coconut oil butter. Intense hydration enhances the look of your complexion, so you can leave dryness and dullness behind! 

What’s Inside

Alongside shea butter and avocado oil, coconut oil steals the show in our body butter. This is due to the fact that it packs a punch in antioxidants and fatty acids that hydrate and nourish your skin from the inside out!


  • Best coconut oil butter - A creamy formula makes this coconut oil lotion a truly enriching experience for your skin and your senses. 
  • Coconut oil moisturizer - Hydrate your skin thanks to moisturizing coconut oil. 
  • Keep your skin happy - Botanical ingredients give dry and damaged skin the TLC it craves.
  • Includes natural derived ingredients - Gentle and effective care.

Customer Reviews

Based on 803 reviews
v Murphy
great product for oily or combo skin

i recomend by my friend since she have been using it for years and it makes her skin look so goof. i find that it is very good for thw skin! to me the fiormula is just right! for sure! i love it

R Smith
a super product!!

my wiffe sufferes from skin allergies and has tried presciption prpoducts none of which helped her at all! we purchasef this ont he recommendation of a friend and as far as i can see her itch was relieved! and the relief was actually almost instant too. we hgihly recommend this product!!! try it for yourself and you will find relief

Jasmine Walker
i love it so much

i bought this and i love it! my face feels tighter in the morning with a slight reddish tint that fades right away. it feels nice and ill see how it goes afer another month. so far i am happy with it

T Taylor
best moisturizer cream

i got tis for my chrismas and i have continued to use it and have ordsred and i ie the smell but it is not too loud. my skin feels so soft and it keeps it hydrared and soft throughout the day qhich was what i liked the most about it! to me it is the best i have ever used so far! amazing work! well done

Maya 450
great for wrinkles

i love maple holisitics it is better than some of the high priced wrinkle creams. it is affordable and worked on my wrinkles. my skin is smooth and i dont like other products neitjher. i will continue to but it for sure since now i look so much younger than i already am

Coconut Cream Body Butter

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