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Vegetable glycerin is a powerful yet gentle moisturizer that is perfect for dry skin and hair. It can be utilized in all types of DIY beauty projects, as well as art projects that are gentle and safe. Glycerin for skin can be combined with your favorite pure essential oil for soaps and shampoos that smell as great as they feel.

What It Is

What is glycerin used for? As glycerin has neither color nor smell, it is versatile and can be incorporated into many different self-care routines. Vegetable glycerin uses include haircare, skincare, and even making candles or cosmetics!

What’s Inside

This vegetable glycerin for skin is 100% pure. Utilize all of the benefits of glycerin without any additives or chemicals. This product is clear, viscous, and odorless, making it the perfect base for a wide variety of personal care items.


  • What is vegetable glycerin? - While other forms of glycerin may be derived from animal products, this vegetable glycerin is vegan and cruelty free, as it is derived only from plant oils.
  • Glycerin uses - Glycerin is often used in hair and skin care products, but don’t stop there! Deodorants, candles, and cosmetic products are other great DIY projects.
  • Is glycerin good for your skin? - Glycerin is a wonderful hydrating agent for the skin, and can be incorporated into many varieties of soaps and creams.

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Grateful Customer

Makes my skin so soft. All the rough patches on my body are now gone. Thank you Honeydew Products. Natural is the way to go. Who knew simple and affordable is the key? You have the magic formula.

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