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At A Glance

Is your hair in need of some extra attention? Do you dream of long, luscious tresses? Give lackluster hair an assist with our aloe vera shampoo!

What It Is

There are many hair benefits to be gained from this precious green succulent, if what you seek is healthier-looking hair. Use our aloe vera shampoo as a one-step solution to hair that feels and looks its best. This shampoo penetrates deeply to deliver moisture from root to tip, for your most luxurious tresses. 

What’s Inside

Make the most of this famous ingredient by harnessing the power of aloe vera juice for hair in our aloe shampoo. Hair's appearance will be noticeably more attractive, as well as better hydrated. Give your tired locks a wake-up call and improve the appearance of dull hair. 


  • Aloe vera shampoo for men and women - Our aloe shampoo is suitable for all hair types including a dry scalp. 
  • Clear away impurities - Harness the power of aloe vera for cleansing without stripping hair of moisture.
  • Solve hair woes - Aloe vera for hair is a no-brainer, and our aloe shampoo is here to prove it!
  • Includes natural derived ingredients - Gentle and effective care.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1187 reviews
Good stuff

This product has really helped my hair feel softer and makes my scalp feel refreshed. I like that it is all natural with no added chemicals.

Sam Parker
Unique in its lack of efficiency

Not only is the aloe shampoo a unique product in the market, but it is so in the lack of efficiency that it has .

it smells great overall the best

overall the best stuff for me! i love it

Emily L
such a great product for me

have braids, I love how when I applied it and used my water mister together, my scalp just feels like my pores have opened and that my scalp is just ducking it up like food. I absolutely love this product, it smells amazing, am willing to try shampoo and condition for this line in the near future, THANK YOUUUUUU

instant volume! i love it

Very noticeable volume the next day after use and the smell is amazing. A little goes a long way as it lathers superbly. Very excited to try the rest of the products on this line. The shampoo gives fine hair more body. The scent is great. I would recommend to all persons who have fine hair to give it a try!

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