Product Details

At A Glance

Amaze Toy Cleaner is a gentle but powerful cleaner that is specially formulated to effectively clean toys, games, and items without the use of harmful and irritating ingredients. This spray is easy to apply and aims to help prevent bacteria from growing on your precious assets. 

What It Is

This cleverly designed toy cleaner is great to give your toys and items a quick but thorough wipe down. We recommend that you use our toy cleaner regularly to preserve your toys and as well as ensure best hygiene when using them. Cleaning with soap and water just won’t do! It does not properly to eliminate dirt. Using a toy cleanser helps ensure deeper cleanliness for your most personal items. Spray, rinse and dry and it’s just so easy to apply! Just spritz a few sprays onto your toys and surfaces and then wash off with warm water, use a dry cloth, and then they will be all clean and ready to use. 

What’s Inside

Our toy cleaning formula is uniquely formulated without parabens, alcohol, and triclosan. It is also cruelty-free and environmentally friendly, so no need to worry about animals or trees being harmed. We set out to create ultra gentle but effective products and pride ourselves on long-lasting customer satisfaction.

Water Based Toy Cleaner for Toys

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