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At A Glance

Our argan oil shampoo is perfect for clarifying oily roots, so your hair can be weightless and free of impurities. Using argan oil for hair is a great way to get clean, voluminous looking tresses.

What It Is

Argan oil of Morocco is an essential oil known for its clarifying properties. Also known as “liquid gold”, argan oil benefits for hair include locks that are clean without being stripped of hydration. Follow up with an argan oil conditioner for best results.

What’s Inside

Our argan oil shampoo and conditioner (sold separately) each contain botanical keratin, along with pure argan oil, for hair that is gently and beautifully nourished. Argan oil benefits include non-greasy moisture, for hair that looks as great as it feels.


  • What is argan oil? - originally from Morocco, this essential oil is utilized in many skin and hair care products for its pure advantage.
  • Argan oil of Morocco shampoo - our shampoo cleanses as it hydrates, for silky-smooth hair.
  • Argan oil hair color - this shampoo is free of sulfates and parabens, and safe for use on color-treated hair.
Argan Oil Shampoo
995 1495

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