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Product Details

At A Glance

Our biotin shampoo is a wonderful and safe option for healthy-looking, hydrated locks! Pair it with a biotin conditioner for the ultimate in nourishing hair care.

What It Is

This is one of the best shampoos out there for hair that looks and feels luxurious. Using biotin shampoo will leave you with silky tresses to turn heads. 

What’s Inside

Biotin, zinc, and keratin make this shampoo the ultimate in nourishing hair care. Vitamin B7 keeps hair looking and feeling its best.


  • Best shampoo for silky hair - this unique formula is designed to promote hair that inspires envy.
  • Biotin hair products - harness the properties of biotin for silky-smooth hair.
  • Nourishing shampoo - the combination of biotin with zinc and keratin makes for shinier, more luxurious looking hair.
Biotin Shampoo - Advanced Keratin Complex
995 1495

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