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At A Glance

Embrace self care with our biotin supplements. These vegetable capsules best support hair, skin, and nails at looking and feeling their best.

What It Is

Our biotin supplement packs a punch when it comes to thicker looking hair and glowing skin. Make the most of the best biotin supplement for hair, skin, and nails. Our supplement is carefully formulated to help if you’re experiencing a biotin deficiency but can also be incorporated into your overall routine to enhance skin and hair. 

What’s Inside

Although primarily used as hair pills, these are the best biotin pills to help with a range of beauty concerns. Our Biotin supplement (also known as vitamin B7) gives you much more than your biotin daily dose so you can be sure you’re reaping all the benefits that your body craves, and more! 


  • Best biotin supplement - We’re the best biotin brand there is. Check out our selection of biotin products including our biotin shampoo and conditioner! 
  • Biotin - Maximum strength supplement for results that are hard to miss. 
  • Best hair pills - Always have a good hair day, with our nourishing supplements.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1559 reviews
Leonardo B
Worse than I expected

Not only is the biotin supplement a lot worse than I expected to be, but it seems to also be much less gentle on the scalp skin than it said that it would be on mine, which is quite frail to be honest .

Aida F
Don’t buy it

I don’t think that any other person should buy the biotin supplements, because they are not worth it .

Nice Biotin Supplements!

It is loaded with vitamins and minerals that are good for the function of the body! I am using this Biotin Supplement along with the Biotin Shampoo. So far, I am seeing less hair fall. I have not seen new hair growth, yet. I will continue to use this Biotin Supplement along with the Biotin Shampoo.

Patrick S
No impressive feats so far

I have seen no impressive feats about the biotin supplement in the time that I have used this product .

Cadie H
These are low quality supplements

These supplements right here are the low quality kind, that even though I might use them for a couple of months, at the end of the day I will barely see any changes happening on my scalp skin or hair .

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