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Give legs, arms, and abs a helping hand with a cream that fights cellulite and sagging skin! A plethora of natural ingredients makes this hot cream the best fat burning cream for you. Treat your skin to nothing but the best with our unique sweat cream. 

What It Is

Reverse the signs of aging and eliminate cellulite with our hot cream cellulite treatment. It works to strengthen the skin on your hips, butt, thighs, abs, and arms. Our fat burning lotion also helps to remove stretch marks and encourage circulation so that you can enjoy skin that feels smooth and soft. 

What’s Inside

Made from natural ingredients such as white camphor essential oil, ginger lily extract, and spearmint essential oil, our sweat cream enhances the appearance of healthy, toned skin. The fat burning cream for stomach, arms, and legs doubles as both an ab cream and a weight loss cream, for maximum benefits all in one place!


  • Fat burning cream - Blast fat and cellulite in one go with this hot cream. 
  • Botanical boost for problem zones - Harness the power of botanical ingredients in our sweat cream to target problem areas and encourage smoother skin. 
  • Best cellulite cream for sensitive skin - Our hot cream contains a natural formula that is gentle yet effective on all skin types, including sensitive skin.

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EcoHot Natural Hot Cream
1395 1895

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