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At A Glance

Give legs, arms, and abs a helping hand with a cream that fights the appearance of sagging skin! A plethora of moisturizing ingredients makes this hot cream the best body cream for you. Treat your skin to nothing but the best with our unique sweat cream. 

What It Is

Keep your skin looking and feeling its best with our hot cream. It works to enhance the appearance of skin on your hips, butt, thighs, abs, and arms. Our lotion enables you to enjoy skin that feels smooth and soft. 

What’s Inside

Made from nourishing ingredients such as white camphor essential oil, ginger lily extract, and spearmint essential oil, our sweat cream enhances the appearance of healthy, toned skin. This cream for stomach, arms, and legs works hard for maximum benefits all in one place!


  • Hot cream - Blast dry skin in one go with this hot cream. 
  • Botanical beauty - Harness the power of botanical ingredients in our sweat cream for smoother looking skin. 
  • Best cream for dry skin - Our hot cream contains a moisturizing formula that can be enjoyed by all skin types.
  • Includes natural derived ingredients - Gentle and effective care.

Customer Reviews

Based on 560 reviews
Honeydew is a great products.

I use it everyday to help tight my belly and reduce the lower belly fat. it work great I can feel the resolved in a week.

It's a total bargain

The price of the hot cream is a total bargain that I would not think twice to take it every single time that I need to buy more of this product for my own skin and for that of my daughters as well .

Richard Evans
Great service from HoneyDew

The client service from HoneyDew is honestly one of the best as they immediately introduced me to this product and I love the way that it has been helping me so much whenever is use it on my skin .

Nicole Stewart
No greasy skin anymore

I have never felt my skin greasy anymore after I started using this hot cream by HoneyDew .

This will be your best spent $9

The hot cream is the only product that I would use money one every single time without even thinking about it .

EcoHot Hot Cream
995 1895

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