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Our 100% pure grapeseed oil is full of vitamins, including A, E, and K. Use this grapeseed oil for skin, hair, and scalp for the ultimate in gentle hydration.

What It Is

There are numerous grapeseed oil uses, whether you are looking for a pleasant massage oil or need some extra moisture on your face and body. Grapeseed oil benefits for hair include a gentle, nourishing way to keep strands shiny & sleek.

What’s Inside

As part of our commitment to greener skincare, this bottle contains only 100% pure oil. Grapeseed oil benefits can be enjoyed as part of DIY beauty products; you can also use grapeseed oil for face, scalp, and hair.


  • Grapeseed oil for hair - apply daily to increase moisture without weighing down your locks.
  • Is grapeseed oil healthy? - this oil is known to contain nutrients such as vitamins A, E, and K.
  • Grapeseed oil benefits for skin - apply to face or body for non-greasy hydration, keeping your skin nourished all day long.

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Grapeseed Oil
1095 1495

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