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More hairs in the drain than usual? Thin hair can be distressing and finding the perfect shampoo can be difficult, but our folimax shampoo just made it simple! 

What It Is

Salvaging dull and thinning hair is one of the many things we’re good at here at Honeydew, and this shampoo for men and women proves it. Our folimax shampoo works to make your hair look and feel healthier than ever.

What’s Inside

This is the best shampoo for thin hair thanks to the presence of nourishing ingredients such as biotin, coconut oil, and argan oil to name a few. Our formula helps to replenish your hair from root to tip with essential moisture, to keep you looking your best.


  • Hair shampoo for women and men - Our shampoo is the best shampoo for dry scalp and hair loss that tackles thinning hair from the root cause. 
  • Gentle shampoo - Our shampoo to improve the appearance of vouime harnesses the power of pure ingredients to replenish and nourish both scalp and hair. 
  • Best shampoo for thicker looking hair - Catch thinning hair early with a shampoo that works around the clock to ensure your hair is looking healthy and full.

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Folimax Shampoo Biotin + Keratin
895 1395

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