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Our vitamin infused biotin shampoo nourishes and hydrates hair of all types, and is especially beneficial for fine, thin hair. Moisturizing properties start at the scalp to keep dry strands shiny and smooth. People have often used biotin for hair that looks longer and stronger, to keep locks looking and feeling healthier.

What It Is

Using biotin for hair gives a surge of hydration to the scalp and tresses, penetrating each strand to keep fine hair looking voluminous. The blend of essential oils, including argan oil and jojoba oil for hair, keep hair thoroughly hydrated.

What’s Inside

Our biotin shampoo utilizes keratin and pyrithione zinc, along with 100% pure essential oils. Tea tree oil for hair has clarifying properties to remove dirt and buildup, while coconut oil benefits for hair include excellent hydration, and keeping hair looking smooth and shiny.


  • What is biotin used for? - biotin is one of the B vitamins, and is used to maintain healthy-looking hair and skin.
  • Jojoba oil benefits for hair - pure jojoba essential oil is an excellent moisturizer, which also serves to promote thicker-looking hair.
  • Best biotin shampoo - our biotin shampoo is a gentle and effective way to show your hair some TLC.
Vitamin Infused Biotin Shampoo
995 1495

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