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After coming home from a long day of work with aching muscles, your body is just begging for a hot oil massage. Our sensual massage oil can be just the thing to relax your body and leave you feeling good. Not sure which is the best oil for body massages? That’s where our Honeydew lavender massage oil comes into play!

What It Is

Essential oils for massages are an integral part of an authentic massage experience. A sensual massage with essential oils, such as a lavender and coconut oil massage, can melt your tension away. Our lavender massage oil is specially formulated to enhance your senses so you can use it as a sexual massage oil to help you and your partner connect during date night.

What’s Inside

You want only the best massage oil when selecting a body oil. That’s why we use lavender essential oil in our sensual lavender body massage oil. Lavender is known for it’s relaxing and soothing properties. Get ready to enjoy a good massage oil and be taken to your happy place.


  • Best body massage – Our massage oil contains high-quality, natural ingredients to ensure you’re nourishing your skin from the inside out. 
  • Sensual massage with essential oils – Our massage oil is infused with lavender essential oil to create a lavender massage oil to melt away your tension. 
  • Body oil – Our massage oil is formulated with gentle yet effective ingredients making it perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin.  

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Sensual Lavender Massage Oil
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