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Searching for a quick and easy way to eliminate that undesirable odor that your pet’s fur is releasing? In need of a dog perfume for your pup? Our pet odor eliminator is here to save the day! 

What It Is

Our fragranced dog spray doubles as a dog deodorant to leave your pup smelling fresh for longer. The lavender spray nourishes your dog's fur while keeping Fido clean between baths or on-the-go. It’s an effective and safe option when you’re in need of a quick and easy clean.

What’s Inside

Pet care shouldn’t be complicated, which is why we’ve harnessed the power of pure ingredients in our dog deodorizing spray. Our formula contains ingredients such as lavender oil and evening primrose oil to create a dog odor spray that’s gentle yet effective. It’s not easy to find a pet odor spray that also works as a pet cleaner spray but lavender contains antibacterial properties that give your pup the quick clean it desperately needs!


  • Lavender oil pet spray - Lavender works to both clean and freshen your dog so it can enjoy a pet spa experience. 
  • Dog deodorizer - Avoid the wet dog smell between washes with our unique dog deodorant.
  • Gentle pet care - Plant-powered ingredients nourish your pup the gentle way, making our formula perfect for all breeds.

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Lavender Pet Odor Eliminator Spray
1195 1690

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