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At A Glance

Keep your furry friend smelling fresher than ever with our dog shampoo + pet spray set, made with lavender and other nourishing ingredients. Perfect for pets of all breeds and sizes!

What It Is

The Lavender Oatmeal Dog Shampoo keeps your four-legged family member feeling clean, while the Lavender Pet Spray is perfect for in-between baths. This pet care set is the ultimate gift item for any dog lover.

What’s Inside

Essential oils provide a wonderful yet subtle aroma, while also keeping fur hydrated and shiny-looking. Your dog will not only smell better, but look and feel great as well.


  • Lavender dog shampoo - Lavender essential oil has wonderful aromatherapy benefits, which can now be enjoyed by pets too!
  • Pet odor eliminator - This pet care set works to keep dogs clean on bath day and all the days in between.
  • Cleansing shampoo for dogs - Thoroughly cleanses and removes odors, while keeping your beloved dog comfortable and clean.
  • Includes natural derived ingredients - Gentle and effective care.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
You have to try this Combo!

First off, I absolutely love all of my Honeydew Products that I have gotten! But this Shampoo & Spray Combo is amazing! It left my Bulldog who has super sensitive skin smelling and shining bright. His coat did not have that thick coating feel of dirt and grim and he smells so amazing! When I say amazing I mean it. This stuff smells amazing. I have used the Pet spray while I am camping and my Bully & Lab have been swimming and they have to sleep in the tent with me and they smell like wet dog. Used the spray and boom instantly smelt 100% better and the smells lasts longer than just a couple hours. I would highly suggest this for anyone who owns a pup!! I will definitely keep it at the top of my list for best products for my puppers!


works great, left my pup smelling Incredible, with soft shiny, beautiful fur! Would absolutely recommend!

Super shampoo

Both the shampoo and spray smell amazing! The spray works best for my dog when I brush it through his coat, it freshens him up and makes him so shiny. I was also really impressed by how sudsy the shampoo gets. It really cleaned my filthy pup and he smelled sooo fresh!

Melissa Behrend
Smells delightful!

We used the shampoo and shine spray for the first time this weekend on two very stinky Labs--and man, do they smell better! The lavender is lovely! Plus, we used the shine spray on them both, and you can really tell on our black Lab, he looks shiny and so very clean. We even got compliments on our evening walk and let everyone know it was the shine spray that did it!

Taylor P.
Smells Amazing

I have been using the lavender pet spray for over 2 years on my goldendoodle & was so excited when I saw they came out with a shampoo in the same scent! Both the shampoo & spray smell amazing and work wonderful on my dog. The spray is great to use after she has been outside to give a quick freshen up between baths. I highly recommend both of these products to keep your dog smelling good without having to goto a groomer every time!

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