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Soothe your skin and give your hair a boost all with one natural ingredient. Whether you’re looking for after sun hydration and comfort or an intense moisture boost, aloe vera gel is just what you need. 

What It Is

The aloe vera plant is known for its healing properties and our pure aloe vera gel delivers healing and more. It works to repair and nourish your skin from head to toe. Peptides and antioxidants in our unscented aloe vera gel give your skin ultimate moisture retention. It also helps to hydrate your hair for locks that are shiny and frizz-free. 

How To Use

Anyone looking to give their skin a boost should already be a big fan of aloe vera skin care. You can use aloe vera for burns, or use aloe vera for skin in other ways! Try creating your own DIY aloe vera face mask, aloe vera moisturizer, or aloe vera hair mask to harness the power of this century-old healing succulent. 


  • Aloe vera soothing gel - This is the best aloe vera gel for a pure, hydrating experience.
  • Fragrance free formula - Perfect for sensitive skin thanks to no added fragrance in our formula!
  • Enjoy aloe vera skin care and hair care - Use our pure aloe vera gel for a range of beauty DIYs to give both hair and skin boost.

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Pure Aloe Vera Gel Unscented
1495 1995

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