Product Details

At A Glance

Cleanse and condition hair with Tea Tree Supreme Shampoo, for healthier-looking tresses.

What It Is

Tea tree and other essential oils cleanse hair as they moisturize, so your hair feels silky-soft and looks shinier than ever. 

What’s Inside

A medley of essential oils including tea tree, argan, lavender, rosemary, and jojoba nurture all hair types. The botanical keratin in this formula helps provide a more voluminous and sleeker look.


  • Tree tree shampoo - Enjoy hair that looks thicker and healthier with tea tree essential oil.
  • Sulfate free shampoo - As always, our formula is free of sulfates and parabens. 
  • Shampoo for dry scalp - Wash away impurities and hydrate scalp to keep your hair looking its best.
  • Includes natural derived ingredients - Gentle and effective care.

Customer Reviews

Based on 688 reviews
Bruce Miller
I felt so irritated

I just feel so irritated right now that I have been using the tea tree shampoo because my hair has not responded well at all to it, which is the first reason why I don’t like this hair care product .

Mary Stevens
Strengthens nothing about the hair

All of the strengthening that the tea tree shampoo said it would do, it actually did nothing ,.

it seems to work for me

I have only used it once. I use the honeydew shampoos and conditioners but had not tried this one. I have fine hair, and it seemed to give me more body. I would purchase it again.

really helped my itchy scalp

Regular moisturizing shampoo had begun leaving me with a very itchy scalp (possibly a touch of eczema?) but when I started using this I noticed a very significant improvement. I also ordered the corresponding conditioner and like it too.

im so happy i had this shampoo

t really makes a difference to the texture and buoyancy of my hair. I looove this. Ironically, it feels better than salon shampoo. Regarding the Conditioner: Usually my hair goes flat after conditioning , but not with this one. It’s al just great. I’m so glad I treated myself to such fancy shampoo.

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