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We don't add fragrance to our recipe so as to eliminate unnecessary chemicals, and because there is no need. If used regularly, our spray will keep your devices fresh and scent-free. Easy spray cleanses any material toy without making it sticky. Many soaps and sprays are made with ingredients that will decay your items or harm your body's most intimate spots. 

What It Is

Our ingredients however are specially designed to ensure longevity without any harsh harmful chemicals for your body. Our easy to use spray is the perfect cleaner for any product. Simply remove batteries, or plug, and spritz a little of our toy cleaner. Then use warm water to wash off the spray and dry. That's all, 1-2-3 and your toy will be like new. With all parts safely treated to maintain function for long to come. 

What’s Inside

Our formula was created to be a safe and quick cleaner for your products. Paraben-Free, Cruelty-Free, No Added Fragrance Alcohol-Free. 


  • Our surface cleaner spray for toys is a quick way to Clean kids toys to ensure they remain hygienic for the ultimate cleansing product
  • The water based cleaning agents cleanse and purify toys. This toy Cleaning spray has a formula for gentle toy cleaning.
  • Artificial fragrance free toy cleaner is mild on sensitive skin. Use the spray before and after use to ensure clean and well-maintained toys.
  • Our cleaner for toys and items is alcohol free and paraben free for a spray with the user in mind. Keeping toys clean also helps them last.
  • Our cleaner is great for toys used by children.
SKU: B01M12C21J
Toy Cleaner Spray
1295 1500

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