Our dog shampoo for dry skin is specially formulated to relieve sensitive skin and painful irritated skin. Whether it is a condition your dog has always had or just a temporary irritant, our shampoo is clinical strength and will relieve the pain without relying on chemicals. Our pet grooming products are designed to be multipurpose, while relieving current irritants and protecting your dog’s fur from developing new ones. Our homeopathic recipe relies on nature to assist in protecting your dog. Lavender works to promote healthy skin while leaving your dog smelling and looking good. Our recipe will soften your dog’s coat leaving it looking healthy and feeling silky without any tears. This anti-itch formula is a maximum strength odor remover guaranteed to leave your dog smelling fresh and deodorized. Infused with natural essential oils your dog will be nourished while having that doggy odor controlled. Skin irritants will also naturally be relieved, the colloidal oatmeal will leave your pet feeling good. Our shampoo can be used by dogs and puppies alike, as it is made using natural ingredients. Your dog will smell good and feel soft! Tear-free Paraben-free Made with natural ingredients Relieves skin irritants Odor removing


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Vanilla Oatmeal Dog Shampoo with Lavender

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