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Our dog shampoo for dry skin is specially formulated for pets, and can be used by all breeds and skin types. Care for your fur baby without relying on products that utilize harmful chemicals.

What It Is

Our pet grooming products are designed to be multipurpose, for our furry family members deserve the best. Lavender aromatherapy leaves your dog smelling and looking good, while leaving your pet's coat feeling soft and silky.

What’s Inside

This gentle formula is a maximum strength odor fighter, to leave your dog smelling fresh and deodorized. Infused with essential oils, it will leave your dog nourished while having that doggy odor controlled. Our shampoo can be used by dogs and puppies alike, as it is made using gentle ingredients. Your dog will smell good and feel soft without the use of parabens!


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Vanilla Oatmeal Dog Shampoo with Lavender

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